Thursday, March 6, 2014

REVIEW of Revlon Nail Enamel in 570 Vixen With SWATCHES

Hello minxes,

I'm thrilled to finally have an excuse to use "minx" in a polish review. I'm considerably less thrilled by Revlon Vixen but we'll get to that in good time. I've had this polish for a while now but I've been waiting for the right bout of cold weather to pull it out of my stash. As this has been the season of endless snowstorms in New York City, I've had ample opportunities to try it out.

Color: Revlon Vixen is a deep red creme polish. You might assume from the name that Vixen is a very vampy shade and in a way it is, but I think because it is so dark and leans slightly brown, it comes across as less overtly seductive and more of a mature, understated kind of sexy shade of red. There isn't much more to say aside from that. The photos are all pretty color accurate and this polish doesn't look terribly different indoors or outdoors or in sunlight or shade.
Formula: Revlon Vixen has a thicker than average formula.
Application: I'll be honest. Vixen was a little high maintenance. The first coat went on smoothly. The brush glided nicely without any dragging though the polish applied unevenly and a little streaky. However, that's not that unusual for most polishes on the first coat. With the second coat, the brush started to drag a bit but application was still manageable. The issue with the second coat was that I began to notice tiny bubbles in my manicure. No es bueno. At two coats the polish still wasn't opaque so I added a third. The third coat is when Vixen started to get very fussy. The polish was threading as I pulled the brush out of the bottle. I had to use thicker coats of polish to cover up all the bubbles. It was irritating but not unmanageable. At three coats, the polish was fully opaque.
Wear: I wore this polish for 5 days. In that time I experienced a little bit of tip wear and the polish seemed to grow dull. I never reapply top coat but in general, most of my good polishes don't dull too much during the week or so that I have them on.

CONCLUSION: This is difficult for me. I do like the color of Revlon Vixen but I'm also reasonably sure that you could find a dupe if you looked for one. The formula was clearly not fantastic but it also wasn't a hot mess and full disclosure, I purchased this bottle of polish in October of 2012 so it's possible that might have aged during that time. It sounds like I'm making excuses, doesn't it? OK, I'll put it this way. If you like the swatches and you can't find a dupe, I would think about picking this up at the drugstore but I can't in good conscience recommend this polish enthusiastically because of the poor application.

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I decided to add a photo of what one coat of this polish looks like. This is what I mean by streaky and uneven application.

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