Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Drugstore Product Stalking Walgreens 145 4th Avenue

I am not usually in this specific area so I forget that there's a Walgreen's there. I of course mean the Walgreen's at 145 4th Avenue. There was nothing too remarkable of note which is why I don't do Drugstore Product Stalking posts too often unless a bunch of new products come out. The two interesting things to note are that this store is carrying a lot of Essie Navigate Her (though not the rest of the collection) and at least 4 bottles of Sinful Colors Cinderella (I bought the 5th one) which is only interesting because I have not been able to find Sinful Colors Cinderella anywhere.

I threw in this picture because the 8-pan palettes are discontinued.

I think I took all these pictures because there's a BOGO 1/2 off sale on Revlon this week. Or I'm crazy. Either one.

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