Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tocca Sample Sale Report May 2012

Hello my darling chickadees!

I took a break from exams and studying in the middle of the day to visit the Tocca sample sale over at 542 W. 22nd Street between 10th and 11 Avenues. The easiest thing to do is take the C or the E to 23rd St and then walk the few blocks down, though of course these are uptown blocks that go on for ages. You will make your way past apartments with overgrown foliage and tons of pretentious art galleries until you've almost hit the highway. Then it's just a quick elevator ride up to the 3rd floor and you're in a sweetly scented paradise of casual feminine frocks and tons of candles.

I'll have more to say accompanying the pictures, but in general, your best buy this sale is the scented products. Small candles are $10 and they still have a healthy supply of small and large candles in various light, pleasant, floral scents. There are also some solid perfumes for $15 though they're out of Bianca and some of the others and have a ton of Florence and Stella. Everything is packaged beautifully so if you're into candles and scents I would definitely suggest stopping by to pick up some things for Mother's Day. Or Father's Day. The scents are light and feminine but in a kind of casual chic way. I don't see any reason why the enjoyment of the scents should be gender specific.

As for the clothes, I'm not tremendously familiar with Tocca as a clothing brand but there were a few racks of children's clothes that looked fairly adorable and then about a rack or two of clothes for each dress size. (Tons of pictures below). The 0-4 girls will do the best at this sale, but I saw a lot of the same dresses on each rack so most sizes should be happy. I mainly found a mix of sun dresses, fitted dresses, and then random more conservative silk items that might be left over from fall. The sun dresses and fitted dresses would be great for a vacation or a wedding respectively. Normally, I would risk going to scope out the 4's but the clothes are generally constructed so they are very well fitted or one part (e.g. at the waist, under the bust) is really tightly fitted. Also, side zippers. *shudders*

There were some other products scattered about but they kind of seemed like random overstock. There were some tremendously overpriced, low-quality scarves. There were also cute sets of 3 notepads for $5 but I don't really use stationary.
Sorry for getting to this one so late (this week has been crazy) but you have all day tomorrow from 11am-7pm to check out the sale for yourself.

Happy shopping!


I saw a lot of dresses and a handful of shirts and tops. I did not see any coats, jackets, capes, pants, or sarongs but I wasn't checking the sample sizes (0-4) very closely.

This is the dress I ended up buying. It fits beautifully for ready-to-wear. Seriously, you would assume it was tailored to fit me.

The stripes are actually little embroidered flowers. It felt very vintage to me.

This one was too loose in the bust and didn't do anything for my figure but I think it might look nice on someone with a different body type. And there were plenty of them available when I was there.

Beautiful, rich, warm brown dress. It felt a bit like silk but I'm not sure if it was. I was in a rush. The photo really doesn't do it justice. I was tempted to get it but it's a little too conservative and it was straining at the bust.

At this point the pictures aren't so great because someone finally noticed me taking pictures who didn't approve.

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