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Lush Bath Products Round Up

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So I've been sitting on a bunch of reviews for Lush bath bombs and bubble bars for a long time but I haven't really felt like I've had a lot to say about each one individually. I finally decided to do a round up review of all the bath bombs I've been trying for the last few months in one big Lush Bath Product Review post. Let's get started, shall we?

(Note: in my conclusion I'll wrap up my main points and say that I recommend the product, don't recommend the product or that I'm neutral on the issue.)


With the Twilight bath bomb, I broke up the sphere roughly into halves.
For the initial testing, I used all the broken bits (less than half) of the bath bomb. I found that the blue portion dissolved much more quickly and bubbled up while the pink portion dissolved much more slowly and foamed which made me think that maybe it was more moisturizing. The pink portion of the bath bomb dissolved so slowly that eventually I had to break it up by hand. I don't know if it was a question of there not being enough water to react with the product or some issue with surface area but I don't think it would have continued dissolving if I hadn't done that. I didn't really find that the half of the bath bomb colored the bath water but it dif leave small blue glitter particles which might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal preference. The scent and look of the bath bomb is supposed to be soothing and relaxing to carry you into pleasant dreams. Using half of the bath bomb I didn't find the smell very noticeable in the bath though I could smell it incredibly faintly in my hair as it dried.

Using the rest of the bath bomb for my second testing, I found that it dyed the water a faint dusty purple color and produced a lot of blue glitter. It was pretty but I would be worried about it lingering on my skin. I have never understood the appeal of body glitter and I certainly wouldn't want the glitter to catch in my hair. The blue and pink portions dissolved the same way and the scent of the bath bomb was still not very apparent but I could smell it faintly on my skin after the bath. The good things I can say about this bath bomb are that the water felt luxurious and almost silky (I would guess this was the contribution of the pink portion of the bath bomb) and that it did produce a lovely effect as it dissolved, though it looked less like twilight and more like a dark cloud constellation.

Conclusion: Mild scent, blue glitter, beautiful effect as it dissolves, gives water a silky feel. Neutral.


  • a lot of color
  • strong smell
  • strong smell
  • rose effect
You will like this product is you like the scent of the product and the color pink and don't mind that the main effect is kind of pathetic. Unlike other bath bombs, Sex Bomb produces a lot of color in the bath, dyeing the water an intense magenta pink. It produces a very strong smell in the bath and on your skin and hair after you get out of the tub. However, like all (or at least all of the ones I've tried) Lush bath products, it doesn't stain the tub. You will find the strong scent a pro or a con depending on your personal preference. I used the whole bath bomb for testing because I wanted to see the rose effect but since that was pretty lame, I'd suggest just cutting the bath bomb in half and using it twice so the scent isn't as overwhelming. The effect of this bath bomb is that when it dissolves, it will release a rose trapped in the bath bomb. My rose didn't really bloom. It just popped out of the bath bomb and then floated around limply. It had a sort of jelly-like texture so I didn't understand how the petals could have separated and bloomed anyway.

Conclusion: Intense pink color, strong scent, sad rose. Recommend if you like the scent and color.


I wanted a bit more of a luxurious experience so I used the entire bath bomb for this review instead of just half. And, well, I was still a little disappointed. Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb turns your bath water a golden/orange color that is incredibly inappealing like urine or silt-filled water but with golden shimmer. The bath bomb dissolves quickly at first and then once it is halfway dissolved it slows down. Eventually I had to break it up into smaller chunks by hand. It foamed up like the Twilight Bath Bomb and gave the water a slippery feel (maybe because the ingredients were basic?). I could not detect a scent when I was in the bath or out of the bath which was incredibly disappointing because the bath bomb had a very pretty and strong scent just as a bath bomb before I plopped it in the water. What I did like was the way it dissolved. This bath bomb dissolves in two parts, kind of like an egg white and yolk so you get a mix of white, orange, and liquid gold that is absolutely gorgeous. Other than that, it didn't seem to dry out or moisturize my skin.

Conclusion: No scent, dissolves prettily, water feels slippery. Do not recommend.


I adore the scent of these bubbleroons. They look nothing like a macaron but they are very cute nonetheless. I bought two bubbleroons, first using each half separately and then using both halves in the same bath. They break apart very easily. The rose jam bubbleroons have a beautiful light floral scent and are supposed to work the same way as a bubble bar though they feel a lot softer than a traditional bubble bar. You just crumble them under running water and they will create bubbles. (You can also crumble a bit into a container filled with water and transfer the water back and forth between containers but that seems like too much work.

Using only half, the bubbleroon managed to turn the water a milky/cloudy light pink color. It produced a small amount of bubbles but they dissolves ridiculously quickly. I could smell the scent of the bubbleroon on my skin but I couldn't smell it in the bath or in the water. After the bath I could smell the scent faintly in my hair but not on my skin. So overall, that was a disappointment.

Using both halves/the whole of the bubbleroon I was even more disappointed because I thought for sure I would get more of an effect. I still didn't get a lot of bubbles and they were soapy bubbles as opposed to foam bubbles and dissolved very quickly. Again, I could smell the scent of the bubbleroon on my skin but I couldn't smell it in the bath or in the water. After the bath I could smell the scent faintly in my hair but not on my skin.

Conclusion: Love the scent, can't smell it in bath, can smell it in hair after bath, few bubbles. Do not recommend.


I cut this one in half to use twice. I found it to be very pigmented. Half of the bath bomb was enough to dye the water in the tub a strong light green color. There was also a decent amount of fragrance so I could smell it faintly in the water and on my skin in the bath. The Avo Bath Bomb smells very clean and fresh. I found it calming and not too intense though it might be different if I used the whole thing. Other than coloring the water and producing some green shimmer/glitter, this bath bomb doesn't have much of an effect. I'd say this is a classier bath bomb. I'd put it in a gift basket for someone not interested in all the frills who just wants a light, refreshing scent.

Conclusion: Dyes water green with green shimmer, light calming fresh scent. Recommend.

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