Wednesday, January 23, 2013

REVIEW of Nivea A Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon Moisture Rich Lip Care

Hi chickadees,

Listen, I'm not an expert on lip products. I just know what I like and I try my best to convey my experience with a product. First of all, I have to say that I kind of love that this lip balm is green. It isn't pigmented enough to tint your lips green, not that you would probably want it to, but I thought it was cool nonetheless. I bought this when Rite Aid was having a discount on Nivea lip balms and I couldn't resist adding this one since I love the color green.

Anyway, I suppose I should give you some basic information about the product and then launch into my rambling about whether or not I think it's effective at moisturizing.

Color: As I noted, while the product appears green in the tube it is really not pigmented enough to tint your lips. You won't be able to build up the color either.
Scent: There is a faint scent to the product in the tube but for some reason the scent is much stronger when you're applying it. If you don't like the scent, it fades for the most part once you're wearing it, but if you have a really strong aversion to scents of any kind, this might not be the product for you as I do notice it while I have it on. To me, it doesn't really smell like real olive oil or lemon. Rather, it smells like the version of olive and oil and lemon you might get from a high-end candle or a L'Occitane product. I think it's pleasant and pretty. It's bright and maybe a little grassy and it's very subtle and demure. It's not an aggressively citrus-y lemon.
Application: The product applies in a nice, smooth glide. It gave my lips a sort of slippery feel. I think it's a pretty standard lip balm. It isn't as light as some of the more useless lip balms I've tried that just feel like a bit of grease on your lips. And it isn't as heavy as the thicker lip balms I've used in the past.
Moisturizing/Drying: Here's where I get confused. When I started using this product, my lips were very damaged. They were peeling to the point that there was barely enough of the top layer of skin to cover my lips. I used this balm consistently for about 3-4 days and my lips healed. But I'm not sure if my lips naturally healed on their own or if this balm had something to do with it. I do think having a balm that kept my lips from rubbing together while they were peeling was helpful but I don't really think this product provided much in the way of moisture. Why? Well, I continued to use this product once my lips had healed. And I began to realize how frequently I felt the need to reapply. It was as though in an hour or two, the lip balm had worn away even without eating or drinking or talking. And with or without the lip balm on, my lips still felt like they were dry.

CONCLUSION: I do like the scent of this lip balm and the color is a bit of a novelty. But I don't think this is going to help much if you have very dry or damaged lips.


Bare lips as reference
See? No green. Though I think it does have a slightly cooler tint to it.

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