Sunday, January 20, 2013

REVIEW of Revlon Whimsical With SWATCHES

Hi chickadees!
I feel like I start most of my reviews this way but this is another I was crazy about tracking down but apparently not about trying because it's been sitting unused with the rest of my collection for months since I bought it. Yes, I ran about rather insanely looking for Revlon Whimsical, the supposed Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air dupe (only to annoyingly find a lot of them at Duane Reade months later after my initial fervor had passed...but that's beside the point). You would think of Whimsical as a typical spring color but there's something a little dryer and dustier about the blue base that made me want to pull it out in the middle of winter. So, after all this time, how do I finally feel about this polish now that I've worn it? Well, I'm still not sure.

Color: Revlon Whimsical is a grayish blue polish with large pink and blue hex glitter, medium pink and blue glitter, and small pink and blue glitter particles. I'd call it more of a semi-sheer polish than a jelly because I don't really think it has a typical jelly look. It just takes a few coats to build up the color. Four coats to be exact. With three coats, I thought I had a nice amount of glitter and a relatively semi-opaque base but the polish still looked so streaky that I did a fourth coat. At four coats there was still some balding but it wasn't too terrible once I added top coat. This is definitely a polish that seems meant for layering. I liked the color. It feels light and refined, and yes, whimsical, like something you would pair with a fairy costume. Obviously as it contains so much glitter, it's not the most work appropriate polish. However, I did think the slightly dusty quality of the blue base kept the polish from being too childish.
Formula: As this is a sheer polish, the base is very thin.
Application: For all the trouble of painting 4 coats, application was very smooth. However, glitter placement was a pain in the arse. I almost always find glitter placement annoying but since this polish has a particularly sheer, thin base, it's even harder to pick up glitter with the brush unless you pick up a ton of polish. You will see indentations in the swatches below. That is my fault. I didn't wait long enough for the polish to dry in between coats and since I did 4 coats, the polish ended up a little squishy and my nails made marks in it before it fully dried. I didn't notice these until I was taking photos. I will say that it was pretty easy to fix this. There was also a lot of bubbling which I didn't notice until I saw the swatches. It's not as apparent in person.

CONCLUSION: I had mixed feelings about how this polish looked on my hands. I didn't think it looked terrible but it wasn't quite flattering either. I think it would probably look best with very pale skintones with a pink undertone or very dark skintones. If you want to wear this polish on its own, four coats is a lot of trouble and it did look somewhat streaky even at four coats. But application was smooth. I guess I'll say that if you love the look of this polish or you're really desperate for a Deborah Lippmann dupe, then this polish is worth you're time. But if all the problems I've listed have you wary, you will probably not be too happy with Revlon Whimsical.

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