Wednesday, January 2, 2013

REVIEW of OPI My Pointe Exactly/Piroutte My Whistle

Hello darlings,

It isn't often that I can say that a polish looks exactly the way I expected it to when I bought it. Thankfully, that was the case when I finally paired OPI's My Pointe Exactly with OPI Piroutte My Whistle, a polish and top coat from the NYC Ballet Collection. I was feeling a bit glum about not having snow for Christmas (yes, I know this post is more than a little late) so once I got back from my trip I decided it was finally time for the My Pointe Exactly/Piroutte My Whistle manicure I'd been holding off for so long.

So, firstly I'll start with My Pointe Exactly, which I only wore on its own for a day (long enough to photograph) and then I'll talk more about Piroutte My Whistle.

Color: OPI My Pointe Exactly is a semi-sheer light gray polish. It sounds like it would be horrible but I think it might actually be my favorite of the three OPI NYC Ballet Collection polishes I own (the other two being Barre My Soul and You Callin' Me a Lyre?). Because it's gray, it avoids looking too simple or precious like other sheer polishes. But because it's a lighter color and a sheer polish, it still elongates the look of your fingers.
Formula: The formula is much like that of the other polishes in this collection. It's on the thinner side but for a sheer polish it isn't watery.
Application: Application is also a lot like the other polishes in this collection. The polish applies very smoothly though I do get a bit of balding. It really isn't that noticeable once you've applied top coat and if you're not examining your nails very closely. The polish looks obviously gray in 2 coats. I think you need at least two even if you want a very sheer look. I used 3 coats to get it to a level of gray I was happy with. It isn't fully opaque but I like the semi-sheer look with this polish.

Now, onto Piroutte My Whistle. If you'd like to see how it looks on a dark background, you can check out this earlier post where I layered it on top of Essie's Bobbing for Baubles.

Piroutte My Whistle features very pale silver hex glitter in a clear base with tiny silver glitter particles. I don't have an issue with the formula but as with all glitter, placement is a bit of an issue. You can either pick up a few pieces of glitter without enough of the base to paint it on the nail without dragging OR you can get enough of the base with so much glitter that you have no control of placement. Still, I love it layered over Piroutte My Whistle because it makes me think of snow and fairy princesses and cool, restrained elegance.


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