Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random Nail Art Experiments

Hi chickadees,

I just thought I'd share the random nail art experiments I've been collecting. None of them are quite successful enough for a full tutorial but I thought you might like to see what I've been working on and maybe the designs or color combinations can inspire your own work. :)

I was trying to mimic the Mulberry logo. I should have planned out the spacing and size and direction of the spots better. The base color is Sally Hansen Red Zin and the design was made with Essie Penny Talk and an old pen used as a dotting tool.
This is my first attempt at panda nail art. He's flanked by two stalks of bamboo. The base color is Essie Da Bush. For the body, I freehanded two white spots with Zoya Purity and then dotted on all the details with Essie Licorice and various tools. For the bamboo I used Essie Penny Talk.

This was my attempt at a design for Wuthering Heights. I used the same stamping techniques that I used with my Tempest nail art design but I couldn't figure out the trees. The green is Zoya Gemma. The hint of purple is  Zoya Pinta. The white is Milani White. I can't remember what color I used for the blue at the top. and the tree is Milani Black Magic.

This is my abstract fire design. I bought some cheap disposable nail art brushes and I was trying to see how they would perform on the nail. The base color is Zoya Blaze and the fire is Essie Penny Talk.

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