Monday, February 4, 2013

REVIEW of Butter London Wallis With SWATCHES

Hello chickadees,
I've been wearing Butter London Wallis for a week and my final conclusion is that this is a pretty hideous color. I'm not using "pretty" as a modifier for "hideous". I mean that this polish is both pretty and hideous. But it was an improvement over the last Butter London polish I tried (Artful Dodger) and for that I'm grateful.

Color: Butter London Wallis is a blackened gold glitter polish. It's composed of very fine glitter, similar to Revlon Carbonite so the surface of the polish is still smooth. The glitter gives the polish a lot of depth and depending on the lighting, it can take on a green cast which kind of reminds me of evil snakes. I don't know why. It just strikes me as a dragon-like color. I'm not sure it really suits my skintone, thus the "hideous" but it's kind of one of those colors that is so dominant and aggressive that it kind of wears you more than you wear it. I think it would look gorgeous with darker skintones but if you're OK with a bit of clashing, it could work for almost anyone because it kind of stands apart from the nails almost like an accessory.
Formula: The formula is very thin and very sheer. From the first coat, you get a lot of shimmer and glitter but you don't get a lot of coverage on the nail. I'd almost like to layer this to see how it would perform as more of a top coat.
Application: Application was very smooth, which was a pleasant surprise after the mess of Artful Dodger. However, I did need four coats for opacity. The first coat was very sheer. The second coat was still very sheer and there were a lot of bald patches. The third coat still failed the light test (where you hold you nails up to the light and see whether light passes through them) in spots because of the uneven coverage so I added a fourth coat.

CONCLUSION: Any polish that takes four coats to be opaque is a giant pain in the arse but Butter London Wallis has a lot of depth and application is very smooth. So I'd say that if you're willing to put in the time, I think the color and formula are worth it for someone who thinks blackened greenish gold nails sounds like a good idea. :) This polish is for a very specific kind of girl.

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