Sunday, February 3, 2013

REVIEW of Lush Superbalm

Hi chickadees!
I think ever since high school, I've had dry hair. When I was younger my hair was healthy and shiny but whether it's because of lifestyle or diet or environment or products, my hair is just generally a little dry and lifeless. But I was kind of OK with that. However, for the past year or two my scalp has been very itchy. I don't know what's caused it but it drives me a little crazy. I think it might be a dry skin issue because while my hair is wet when I'm in the bath or air-drying it, my scalp doesn't it. But as soon as my hair is dry, the itch is back. Also, I have a crazy amount of dandruff which is not the best condition to have when you have black hair. So in my attempt to resolve this problem, I decided to try out a product from Lush. The girls at my local store recommended one of their newest products, Lush Superbalm.

For about $20, you get a small, less than palm-sized metal tin containing green goop. When I started using this product, I found it seemed more solid like hair wax, and I would dig out a bit of the product, warm it in between my hands and massage it into my scalp. As I've continued to use it, I don't know if it's the steam in my bathroom or just the way this product changes over time but it has gotten much softer, more like a thick cream and also a bit greasier.

The product has a very strong, calming lavender scent that I quite liked. The best thing I can say about this product is that if you like the scent, it is very strong when you massage it into your hair and it only gets stronger when you're washing it out of your hair. I don't think it lingers too much after that but if you really hate the scent this product probably won't be for you as you are instructed to keep it in your hair for 20 minutes before washing it out.

Now, I was determined to make this product work so I set about experimenting to get the best possible result.

TRIAL ONE: At first, a bit nervous after reading the reviews on the Lush website about overapplying, I mainly massaged Superbalm into my scalp at the center part of my hair. I didn't have any problem washing it out with my Garnier shampoo followed by my Garnier conditioner but I still found that I had a lot of dandruff and that my scalp itch was not relieved. I noticed a bit of volume towards the ends of my hair. The day after I washed my hair my scalp was very itchy so the first trial was a failure.
TRIAL TWO: This time, I felt a little braver so I applied the Superbalm to both the center part of my hair and around the nape of my neck. I still didn't have any trouble washing the product out but I was still getting dandruff flakes and my scalp still itched. Trial two was a failure. (Garnier shampoo/conditioner)
TRIAL THREE: Trying to change things up a bit, I kept the Superbalm in my hair for 50 minutes. I had no trouble washing it out but there was no improvement with dandruff or scalp itch. (Garnier shampoo/conditioner)
TRIAL FOUR: I went back to keeping the Superbalm in my hair for 20 minutes. I washed my hair in the morning and by that night my scalp itched. A day later and my scalp itched furiously and the dandruff was back. (Garnier shampoo/conditioner)
TRIAL FIVE: I used this product while I was in California so for this use, I washed my hair the night before I was going to get on the plane, kept it in for 30 minutes, and used more than usual. By nighttime my scalp was itchy again. (Garnier shampoo/conditioner)
TRIAL SIX: By this time I noticed that the Superbalm in the container seemed more oily. I put a liberal amount all over my scalp at night and waited 20 minutes before washing it out. I let my hair air dry as I always do and when I checked my hair again, I found tons of little flakes of dandruff. Also, my the next night my head itched tremendously. (Head and Shoulders shampoo/Garnier shampoo/Garnier conditioner)
TRIAL SEVEN: By this trial, the Superbalm was definitely softer and I didn't need to heat it between my hands to use it. I put a liberal amount all over my scalp and waited 20 minutes. I washed it out with Head and Shoulders, Lush Trichomania, and my Garnier conditioner. I washed my hair in the morning and by the next morning my scalp itched. I still noticed dandruff but my hair felt soft and seemed slightly less frizzy. This was probably a contribution of the Trichomania and not the Superbalm.
TRIAL EIGHT: This time I washed my hair at 3pm and kept the Superbalm in for 20 minutes before washing it out with Head and Shoulders, Garnier shampoo, and Garnier conditioner. When it dried, there were lots of flakes of dandruff. And by 1:25am, my head was very itchy again.

CONCLUSION: Lush Superbalm was very much a failure for me. It did not help with my dandruff or itchy scalp. It did not improve the condition of my hair in any way. And the best thing I can say for it is that I like its lavender scent.

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