Saturday, February 23, 2013

REVIEW of Essie Jelly Apple With SWATCHES

Hello my darlings,
I have finally found a red creme polish that I love. Unfortunately, it's a pain in the arse to photograph for swatches. After multiple attempts I began to approach color accuracy but I definitely didn't manage to get all the way there. Although it's a true red polish, in my photos it kept pulling orange. I actually threw out swatches where this polish basically looked orange. It was very frustrating. I'm only telling you this as a preamble because I don't want the swatch at the top of the review to dissuade you from continuing to read if you don't like orange polish. Trust me, this is not an orange polish in the slightest.

Color: Essie Jelly Apple is a true red creme polish. It provides a nice pop of color to the nails, especially in winter and it's just a touch brighter than what I would call a "classic" red. I would call it a bright tomato red, though in dim lighting it approaches that classic red shade.
Formula: The formula was one of those perfect Essie formulas. Thin enough to be the perfect consistency for easy application.
Application: Application was very smooth. I thought the polish looked relatively opaque in two coats, but I hadn't painted it flush to the skin on the sides of the nails so I went in with a third coat to fix that up.

CONCLUSION: I would absolutely recommend this polish. I may even pick up another bottle so I'll have a back-up of my new favorite red.

I added a coat of Essie As Gold As It Gets for Chinese New Year.

And now I want to show you how orange this polish can photograph. And this isn't even the worst of it.

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