Wednesday, February 13, 2013

REVIEW of China Glaze Elephant Walk

Hi chickadees!

This is my first China Glaze polish. The brand isn't as readily available near me and there are already so many other nail polish brands that are right there in the drugstore, I could never bring myself to order a color that seemed easy to dupe from amazon or ebay. Anyway, I was out in California recently and I was able to stop into an Ulta where I picked up 3 China Glaze polishes. Elephant Walk is the first one I decided to try as it's really the one I wanted the most of the three that I bought.

Color: Elephant Walk is a warm gray creme polish with hidden shimmer. Gray is difficult to describe as it's more of a shade/tone than a color. If it helps, I would say it's in the middle of the spectrum between something light like Zoya Dove and something dark like Essie Power Clutch. I think gray polish is automatically going to look more chic than most other colors. The shimmer is really not apparent unless you're looking at the polish under a strong light source about a foot from your face. But the shimmer is pretty when you can see it.
Formula: The formula wasn't particularly thick or thin but it was difficult to work with.
Application: Since this was my first China Glaze polish, I paid extra attention to each stage of application. The first coat was very streaky but first coats may not be great even for the best formulas. The second coat was still streaky. The third coat and top coat managed to even out most of the streaks though I did have a nail that I was beyond saving that I had to do over. However, the polish was thick enough that you could definitely see where the brush strokes overlapped at the base of the nail, especially when I painted my nails with my nondominant hand.
Wear: And here is where I decided I hated this polish. I painted the nails on my left hand on 2/2 and the nails on my right hand on 2/3. On 2/4, I had crazy tip wear on all of my nails and a big chip on one of the nails on my right hand. That's right, a day later I had a chip. And in case that wasn't bad enough, my polish never chips. Seriously, except for slight tip wear and growth at the nail beds, I could wear the same polish for weeks without any chipping.

CONCLUSION: Elephant Walk is a nice color and the formula is relatively manageable though it is somewhat hard to work with and I had to deal with a lot of streakyness and overlap. But my biggest problem is how quickly it started to chip. So no, I would not recommend this polish.


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