Friday, February 1, 2013


Hi chickadees!
I don't think Zoya Envy is really going to be inspiring envy in strangers anytime soon.

Color: Zoya Envy is a very dark, blackened green creme polish. I've never tried it but it reminds me of the swatches I've seen of O.P.I.'s Here Today Aragon Tomorrow. This is not a dark hunter green or a forest green like Sinful Colors Last Chance. This polish looks very dark all of the time and can look like black to the untrained eye. However, I am able to tell that it is green under certain lighting. It strikes me as a very moody color, something fashionable and clever, a color takes pleasure in the fact that only a select few will be able to discern its green tint. I will note that it did bring out the yellow in my skin.
Formula: The formula is very thick and gloopy.
Application: Although the formula isn't ideal and isn't all that fun to work with, I didn't experience any streaking, dragging, or bubbles and the polish was opaque in 2 coats.

CONCLUSION: The formula isn't marvelous so if you know of a dupe with a better formula, I'd suggest hunting down that color. However, I do think the color will be right for certain people and the formula is manageable. So with those slight reservations, I would recommend this polish.


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