Saturday, February 16, 2013

REVIEW of Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Sand

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I'm trying to stop using "chickadees" since it doesn't really have any significance for this blog so I decided to go with something equally nonsensical. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, longtime readers of this blog (and former chickadees) will know that I have been looking for a good concealer for ages, basically since I started using makeup. But it's very difficult for me to find something that looks natural, gives the right amount of coverage, and won't fade during the day. I've tried liquid concealers. I've tried cream concealers. I've tried high-end brands and drugstore brands. So far I haven't had much luck (though I was liking my Shiseido concealer before I lost it during my trip to California. I'll have to get another one and keep testing so I can tell you what I think.) After hearing so many good things about this product from beauty gurus and bloggers online, I decided to go to Sephora and let the salespeople help me pick out the right shade. I settled on Sand.

Color: I would have thought that Sand would be too dark for me but it was actually a decent match and maybe still a little too light. I know it sometimes doesn't seem very hygienic to apply makeup from the testers in Sephora but I think it's important to at least swatch them to get an idea of what shade you need. I thought Sand was a decent match for me. I am fairly pale (I used to use L'Oreal foundation in n2 or n3 if that helps) but I have very noticeable brownish dark circles. My eyelids are also a little dark and my glasses cast even more of a shadow under my eyes. I found that when I blended Sand in, the color matched with the rest of my face reasonably well but during the day as the product faded and began to collect in spots, the product in those spots seemed too light and stood out from my dark circles.
Application: Obviously a cream concealer isn't going to apply as smoothly as a liquid but I thought it was reasonably easy to blend. I preferred using my fingers to a brush as I find that using a brush with a cream concealer can involve a lot of tugging whereas the heat of your fingertips can easily melt and blend in the product.
Coverage: Coverage was just terrible for me. I have dark circles but I haven't had this much trouble trying to cover them with the other products I've tried. Thus, I'd call this concealer light coverage. If I were to just pack it on, I might say it was medium coverage but any way you try to blend it in for a natural look, you're not going to get sufficient coverage for your dark circles. If you try to build it up, then it starts to look cakey. Also, it accentuates the small bumps I have under my eyes and I think it might do the same if you have deeper wrinkles.
Wear: I've tried this with and without setting powder and no matter what, it always wears away. I tried it with the setting powder in the kit and I tried it with my Make Up For Ever HD powder and neither one helped this concealer last for more than maybe 3-6 hours. The 6 hours is generous as that was the first time that day when I was able to examine my under eye area for fading. It's quite possible that it had started to fade before then. And when I wore mascara while also wearing this concealer, I felt like it was causing my mascara to smudge more than it usually does.
Price: The Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit cost $33. It's definitely more than what you'd be paying for a product from the drugstore, but I think it's only a slight splurge considering you're getting a cream concealer and a setting powder.
Packaging: I like the packaging is compact and neat enough to fit in your purse. It manages to be easy to open but secure enough that I didn't have to worry about it opening and making a mess if I decided to take it with me for touch ups during the day.

CONCLUSION: I know some people love this so it may just be an issue of my specific beauty concerns but if you have drier skin and dark circles and you need something that's going to last you throughout the day without touch-ups, I would not recommend this product. I returned mine to Sephora and I'm still on the hunt for a good concealer.


Without concealer
With concealer
With concealer

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