Thursday, February 7, 2013

REVIEW of Essie Da Bush With SWATCHES

Hello chickadees!

Now every nail polish addict has a polish in her life that she desperately wants but resists buying. Sometimes more than one, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending how you look at it. For the longest time, Essie's Da Bush was that polish for me. I'd seen swatches of it online and I thought it would be incredibly flattering for my skin tone but I couldn't find it anywhere and didn't feel a strong enough craving to buy it online. Sometimes you get into that frame of mind where you feel like if something's meant to happen, the stars will align and it'll happen on it's own. And then one day I was in Eve Beauty Source in Soho and there it was, minding its own business. And I stared. And bit my lip. And waffled and wandered and wavered until I finally took the darn bottle up to the cash register and paid for it. And like any good result of contradictory impulses I'm still unsure of whether I made the right decision.

Color: Da Bush is a lovely, dusty pale green creme polish. I would call it a grayish green but that gives the impression that it's a dull, depressing color. It isn't. In truth, it's just as beautiful as I thought it would be from the swatches I've seen online. It is such a flattering shade, perfect for my skin tone, subtle enough to be a nude and with enough green to make it interesting on the nails. Indoors, I sometimes think it has somewhat of a brown/beige tint mixed in with the grayish green. It can also look like a basic gray indoors if you're not really focused on identifying the color. It's the same way a dark polish color can end up looking like black indoors. While I think it's beautiful on its own, it would also make a lovely base color for nail art.
Formula: The formula is on the thinner side and somewhat more sheer than I would like.
Application: Here's where we run into a problem. The first coat was streaky on the nails where I wasn't careful so this isn't an easy application. You have to be very aware of what you're doing and adapt your technique based on how the polish is behaving. On the second coat, I noticed that the brush seemed to be creating streaks/ridges in the polish. On the third coat, I used a thicker coat of polish and angled the brush so it was almost flush with nail and the brush could barely run through the polish. On the third coat the polish was opaque but could still see a few small spots during the light test because of the streakyness during application. I will say that Seche Vite evened out a lot of the small ridges. About 1.5 feet from my face, I can't see an issue with my nails, for instance when I'm typing, but if I'm any closer I can see where the coats of polish overlap unevenly.

CONCLUSION: If you're like me and you are dying to have this color you might be able to deal with the issues with the formula and application. It's certainly not the worst polish I've ever tried but it's a little tricky and it takes some work.


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