Friday, April 13, 2012

20% OFF 1 Item at H&M

Hi chickadees!

I just thought I'd write a quick post to let you know about a new coupon from H&M. I found out about it from Mizhattan but I wanted to tell all of you in case you don't follow her blog. Which is great by the one. It's one of the main sites I follow for info about sample sales and for gorgeous beauty and runway photos. Anyway, from April 14 to April 22, 2012  you can choose one item in store and take 20% off.

Link to coupon:
Link to original Mizhattan post:

This is a great deal because the most expensive thing I saw in H&M yesterday was the leather priced at $99. I already picked up two long, loose-fitting button down shirts yesterday (pictures to come in a future fashion haul post) but I might head back over to see if there was anything I overlooked. It was madness yesterday, though. The lines at both branches were insane, though there were definitely more people at the store near Prince St./Sephora/heading towards Houston St. than the other one. I'd suggest heading to the store near Sephora if you want more of the "fashion" items. I saw some of the reversible jackets from fashion star, most of the Conscious Collection (which I honestly wasn't that impressed with this year in terms of design and quality) and your standard disposable H&M fare.

There was a really adorable boatneck white dress with a cinched waist with a black leather band and a white pleated skirt. It also had a large cutout at the back and a leather strap at the neck with snaps to hold it in place. Exactly my style...if there wasn't some kind of malfunction with the way the sewed the zippers which don't close all the way. So...that was fun. The only reason I headed to the other store was because they only had the all black version at the Prince St. H&M and it took a visit to the other branch to realize the problem with the zipper.

The other store farther down (heading toward Canal St.) is better for menswear and basically randomness...bras, accessories, etc.

Happy Shopping!

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