Friday, April 27, 2012

Botkier Sample Sale

Hi darlings!

I was recently contacted about a sample sale you might want to check out very soon. I don't really have a policy about disclosing whether I've been sent products or if I've been asked to advertise anything because I have tiny little blog and no one sends me anything or asks me to advertise anything. Except for things like the Target Beauty Bag but I had to ask for that. OK, now that we're through with that, it's time to let you know the details. :)

Botkier Sample Sale
Date: Tuesday May 1 to Sunday May 6
Times: Tuesday - Friday 11am -8pm
            Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm
Location: 225 Fifth Avenue (between 26th and 27th St)

To be honest, I'm not really familiar with this brand but you can check out some of their designs here. I'm only suggesting you check out this sale because it's being held at 225 5th Avenue/260 Sample Sale and I've found great items the other times I've visited for the Hugo Boss sale and the Hanky Panky sale. I'm not much of a handbag girl as we've discussed since I'm more about practicality than fashion with my lifestyle and I tend to like simpler styles anyway, but my personal favorites from the website are the Eden small satchel, the Valentina satchel, the Nicola satchel, and the Nicola tote.

To give you some idea of the discounts, they sent me three examples of the bags you'll find...

(pictures and pricing after the break)

The Caravel Satchel in White Patent Cowhide retails for $575. The discounted price is $180.
I like the simplicity of the lines and the color combination
 though white patent fabric makes me think of go-go boots. :)

Next up is the Phoenix satchel in Lavender Lizard Cowhide.
Retail Price: $575. Discounted price: $288.
I was a bit scared at the combination of Lavender Lizard Cowhide but unless the photo is ridiculously inaccurate, I think this actually looks like a cute, wearable bag. Don't you?

Finally the Turner Satchel in Mini Goatskin/Cowhide.
Retail Price: $575. Discounted price: $288.
This is probably my least favorite of the three but I'm sure there's a girl who would love this.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to run out on Tuesday and grab as many of these as you can? Or are you planning to sit this one out and wait for the Rebecca Minkoff sale May 9th? Heads up, it's at the same location! I may try and swing by for this one but I doubt I'll be there on Tuesday as I've got a very busy academic week ahead of me. Then again there's that willpower problem we've talked about... ;)

Later, chickadees!

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