Friday, April 20, 2012

Mini Fashion Haul

I don't know how exciting this will be for you, but I thought I'd share some recent purchases. Usually, if I need to update my wardrobe, I'll go to TJMaxx or another reasonably inexpensive store and leave with a ton of merchandise (at least 10-15 items) so that's what I consider a fashion haul. This is more of what happens when I go about exploring without any real direction.

Stopped in Town House No. 504 Their online shop is currently not up yet. I wouldn't recommend that you run there ASAP but they had some cute bracelets and one that reminded me of the belt buckle bracelet I've been obsessing over lately. So...I got it. It was about $30.



Next, I continued wandering until I ended up somewhere near Prince St. and Broadway and something caught my eye. Was it? Oh, yes...a knockoff of the Cartier LOVE bracelet in rose gold. I picked it up for $25 and I'm kind of planning on going back to get another one and maybe a few as gifts. They come in rose gold, gold, and silver. And unlike the Cartier one's these open and close easily but securely. Photos below.

And finally I spent a ridiculous amount of time in line at H&M and another nearby store not finding anything but a loose-fitting button down shirt. I picked up one in a blue/slightly purple color and one in white. I think they were each about $12.

Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know if you'd like to see more of these kinds of posts in the future.

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