Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Refinery29 Tinseltown Bazaar Pop Up Shop

Hi darlings,

I just thought I'd share some pictures of Refinery29's Tinseltown Bazaar Pop Up Shop. I took a break from studying yesterday since the event was so close I could run there and back in under an hour. There were a lot of vendors but nothing really caught my eye. I've kind of fallen in love with chloe+isabel jewelry, especially one necklace which is pictured below. But I'd set out wanting to purchase another necklace and when they didn't have it at their booth, I was a little deflated. There was a nail art booth with primarily Zoya polishes but the woman had left and I didn't think the sign-up sheet would last until the end of the night. There were also tarot card readings but I could already predict I wouldn't pass my final if I didn't get back to studying so I headed home.

Isn't it GORGEOUS? I would get it if it were ever on sale. (Right now it's $148.) Heck, I might just save up and get it anyway, it's that beautiful and difficult to DIY.
All these Saipua soaps smelled divine and true to the ingredients but I couldn't justify spending $10 on soap. But considering how much I spend at Lush on one-time use bath products, I won't rule out picking up a few of these in the future.

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