Monday, December 31, 2012

REVIEW of Clinique Moisture Surge Intense For Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin

Hi chickadees,

This blog would not function if I wasn't honest with myself and with you. I am absolutely petrified of trying this product again. I want to give it a fair shot but I can't bring myself to get it anywhere near my skin. So, before we start, you have to know that I've only tried this product once. But once was enough.

So, my biggest issue is that I have pretty dry skin. It hasn't been as bad this winter as last winter when I was actually getting patches of flaky skin but as soon as I walk into a beauty supply store or up to a makeup counter, they know my main issue is dry skin. I will occasionally get a few pimples but they are only hormonal or due to a product I'm using and they tend to be pretty small.

I tried this product the day I purchased it from Sephora. I applied it in the afternoon and the next morning I had three major pimples. Without exaggerating, I can say that they were the largest, most painful pimples I have ever had. They were swollen and painful to the touch, red-rimmed, and full of pus. It has taken more than a week for my skin to fully heal. I just cannot go through that again. In total I had one pimple near my nose, two on my forehead near my hairline and some tiny pimples around my chin.

But I do want to also include some information about the product other than my terrible reaction to it. The moisturizer is a cream but it feels almost like a gel when you apply it. It's neither thick nor thin. It gives your skin a kind of plush, supple feeling but I didn't like how it was a little bit sticky. I've worked with paints for enough years to recognize the smell. There is a very chemical, paint-like smell to the product. Since there isn't really any pigment I think it might be due to preservatives.

I'm sorry, my dears. I really want to try this product again but I'm too scared. It's going back to Sephora.


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