Tuesday, December 18, 2012

REVIEW of Zoya Feifei with SWATCHES

Hi chickadees!

I'll admit that sometimes I can be taken in by product hype. So when I was looking for something else to add to my Zoya order, I threw Feifei into my cart because so many nail polish bloggers were raving about it. I don't think I'm ever going to be a glitter polish girl but Zoya Feifei is pretty damn gorgeous.

Color: This polish is so difficult to describe because it is a glitter and changes so much depending on the lighting. The swatches will explain better than I can. This is an all glitter polish, not a creme base with glitter. I would say it is dominated by blue glitter than can also look like gunmetal in dim lighting and purple glitter than disappears in dim lighting but gives the polish depth. It can look a bit like it is speckled in dim lighting. It reminds me of Revlon Carbonite in that way. If it catches the light in the right way, it can look like there are flecks of multicolored glitter.
Formula: The polish was on the thinner side. It's so shiny that it almost looks opaque in 2 coats when light is reflecting off of it but it definitely doesn't pass the light test. Even at three coats, I found I could still see lighter patches peeking through when I held my nails up to the light. Still, when you're wearing it, you don't notice any balding you might when you're scrutinizing it as intensely as I do.
Application: Application was very smooth. It doesn't apply like a gritty glitter. It actually flows onto the nail almost like a creme polish. I was very surprised and pleased by this.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend Zoya Feifei if you like the swatches below and you're a fan of glitter polishes. It probably won't convert people who aren't glitter polish fans. The only drawback is a lack of opacity but it's not very noticeable.


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