Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Union Square Holiday Market: Spotlight on CherryRoseDesigns

Hi darlings,

I thought I'd do something a little different today. I don't really do haul posts all that often anymore. Part of the reason is that I just buy a few things at a time and I usually end up discussing them in reviews or outfit of the day posts. But I've really been loving CherryRoseDesigns jewelry lately and since I know a lot of you are  in the middle of doing your Christmas/holiday shopping, I wanted to do a spotlight on the pieces I've bought from them over the years.

The first two pieces should be familiar for longtime readers of this blog.

These Tree of Life earrings are the first thing I ever purchased from CherryRoseDesigns. They cost $25 and are made of sterling silver. Every few months I begin to see some discoloration and darkness but that can be polished away with a sterling silver cloth. The earrings are nice and lightweight which I appreciate as someone who has elongated piercings from years of wearing heavy earrings. Also, they go with just about any outfit.

The next year I visited the booth, I purchased these spiked spherical gold stud earrings. I think they were $15. I don't know why exactly but they feel aquatic-inspired. Maybe because they look a bit like sea anemones? Or not. Anyway, I think they're a nice twist on normal stud earrings and they are also very lightweight.

This year, I purchased two items from CherryRoseDesigns. First is this handcuff bracelet for $40. I love how delicate the chain is though I'm always petrified it's going to fall off without my knowledge. It is sturdier than it looks though. But the thing that puts this bracelet over the edge is the dangling key charm. I think it looks so polished while remaining a little quirky. CherryRoseDesigns also makes more of these bracelets in silver and gold and also necklaces with the same handcuff charms.

So what was the second item I purchased this year? These gorgeous peacock feather earrings. They cost me $30 but it was money well spent because I love them and I can't even tell you how many compliments I get when I wear them. The saleswoman told me those were her last pair (I'm not sure if she meant they were the last pair she had or the last pair she had with her that day) but they also make a more elaborate necklace with a similar peacock feather design.

The market will be open until December 24, 2012. Check here for hours of operation.
I definitely recommend stopping by if you have the time. Other vendors to visit are MissTea, Nunu Chocolates, and the booth selling gingerbread people.

Merry Christmas!

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