Monday, November 4, 2013

Barbara Bui Sample Sale Report

Hi chickadees,
I headed to the Barbara Bui sale today pretty early but not early enough to have to stand in line before the store opened. Even with that, the bag section was pretty much ransacked by the time I got there. I managed to find a nice burgundy/oxblood/maroon/whatever you want to call it large purse but the selection was dwindling fast and by the time I left there were only about 10 gray clutches, and the same large purse I bought in the same shade, turquoise, and camel. With tax the bag came to about $320, which is still pricey but a great deal when you consider the 80% discount.

I think you will probably have the most luck with the apparel as the belts and scarves were rather uninspiring. I was actually surprised by how rough the scarves felt. The apparel section seemed to operate by the same "take 80% off the price on the tag" rule. I spotted a blouse with this pretty geometric pattern for about $100 but unfortunately they only had L and XS. When I left, there was still a decent selection of clothes (though whatever was originally on the racks in the very back had disappeared before I got there). There were a few dresses and skirts but I would say that the largest part of the apparel section was devoted to pants. The shoe section was a bit of a mess but there were some nice standard boots and dressy heels.

I don't think this is a sale that you need to attend but if you happen to be in the area, the 80% discount is worth checking to see what's left.

I should note that checkout took an abnormally long amount of time. There was only one person working checkout but it took a ridiculously long amount of time for him to write out the items and then do the math on a calculator. I would make some pithy comment amount the state of our school systems but why bother? I've already lost more than an hour of my life.

I got conflicting answers but I do not think they'll be restocking for the next two days of the sale. That means if you're looking for a handbag, it's probably not worth going at this point but if you want to try your luck at the clothes or shoes, you might still find something you like.

The sale is being held in the downstairs area of the Barbara Bui retail store at 115 Wooster St between Spring St. and Prince St. Store hours at 11am to 6pm and the sale will end on Wednesday.

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  1. wow the bags and the clothes are very glamorous.The discount also affect the people to buy.