Friday, November 29, 2013

REVIEW of Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Denim With SWATCHES

Hello peanuts,

Today I have something special. It's a polish from Joe Fresh. Why do I have a polish from Joe Fresh? Well, I first saw some Joe Fresh polishes reviewed on Spaz & Squee and I loved the colors so I ran out to my local store to try them out. That was last winter. Or maybe the winter before that. Sometimes it takes me forever to review things. The three bottles of polish I purchased having been sitting in a box with the rest of my nail polish collection (or part of my nail polish collection, I should say. Don't judge me.) as it never seemed the right time to use them. Apparently now is the right time.

Color: Joe Fresh Denim is a dark blue creme polish. Indoors it looks almost black regardless of the time of day. If you wear it long enough, eventually you can kind of tell that it isn't just a black polish but the casual observer probably won't see the difference without prompting. Outdoors, thankfully, the polish isn't that dark. I would say that it mostly looks navy but it direct, bright yellow sunlight it can look a bit more teal.
Formula: The polish has a very fluid consistency. It is definitely on the thinner side.
Application: Painting with my dominant hand, the first coat glided on very smoothly. I was a bit worried that it seemed quite green but I think that was just because the lighting in my apartment is yellow. I did experience a little bit of dragging but it was very easy to smooth over. My one issue with this polish is that it's somewhat difficult to find a balance between having enough polish on the brush so it won't drag through the last layer of polish and too much polish on the brush because the polish has a tendency to flood into your cuticles. At two coats the polish seemed fairly opaque but upon closer inspection there was some balding on two nails so I added a third coat of polish.

Painting with my non-dominant hand, the brush seemed to be causing some streakiness. It was nothing major but it was noticeable. This time I needed a third coat of polish on all of my nails because of the streakiness. I think this problem was partially due to the brush and partially because of that difficulty finding a balance between having too much and too little polish on the brush.

Wear: Even without top coat, this polish is very shiny. I almost wish I could have worn it without top coat because it had that delicious inky quality that dark polishes have. I only wore the polish for a few days before I got bored with it. I experienced very minimal tip wear in that time and the polish did not stain when I removed it.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish if you like the color. I don't think is a polish you need to own and personally I prefer blues that appear blue all of the time. But the formula is very manageable.


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