Saturday, November 16, 2013

X Factor UK Live Show 6

Hi peanuts!

Seriously, no one reads this. But that's fine. I just finished watching Haute Cuisine or Les Saveurs du Palais, which is really not the same title at all but who cares? Yes, I'm in a mood. Let's get on with it.

1. Hannah Barrett
2. Sam Bailey
3. Tamera Foster
4. Nicholas McDonald
5. Rough Copy
6. Luke Friend
7. Sam Callahan

Hannah Barrett: What in the heck were the dancers doing? Who thought of that? Bad, bad idea. Hannah is fantastic. She sounded great. But I think it was the wrong song. It was a bit low and I lost her vocals sometimes. And it's just not a very exciting song. She did her best during the performance but it's just a very repetitive song and there's not much to the lyrics. That's not the kind of song you do on a reality singing competition. It just isn't.
Luke Friend: He sang Your Song by Elton John. It was fine. Very breathy. Kind of weak. It's hard to impress with a quiet version of this song. At this point I've heard so many versions of this song that I really need to hear something amazing. Maybe Hannah could have done something with it but I just found Luke's performance boring.
Sam Bailey: Is it wrong that I was quite amused to see the video title read "Sam Bailey sings Something by The Beatles"? Get it, "something by The Beatles"? Just anything old thing. This is a reality singing competition. You know eventually someone's going to sing something by The Beatles. Nevermind. I absolutely hate her hair this week. Do they need to work out something with the sound system? I don't think Sam's performance was bad but it wasn't exceptional and the backing track or the musicians were really competing with her vocals. There is zero reason for the drums to be that loud on a song like this. It was a very good performance. Sam is dependable. It just wasn't all that exciting or compelling.
Rough Copy: I've been kind of souring on Rough Copy for the past few weeks. It was fine. I just don't think they're very strong individual singers, I like groups that harmonize more, and they're just not very interesting. The harmonies at the end sounded off. They don't bring anything to the performances or the arrangements that makes me sit up and pay attention.
Sam Callahan: He sort of sang the right notes at the right times? I don't know. It was very weak. I give up with Sam. I like my bad acts to be camp. Not just bad at singing.
Tamera Foster: I really like Shirley Bassey. I feel like I'm going to be disappointed by this. Clicking play now. It was a very pretty vocal, even if Tamera seemed to run out of air at the middle and end of phrases. I just think it was a mistake to choose a song that has been performed by such a powerful voice. If you choose a song by a fantastic singer, you're just setting yourself up for failure unless you can match their vocals or change the song enough to make it your own. Just adding a beat didn't make this a new song. Did she forget the words at one point? Tamera looks like a pop star. She just doesn't have the voice of a pop star. I think she needs some more work with her vocal coach and she really needs to stop singing songs that she can't measure up to.
Nicholas McDonald: Again, pick the right song. You don't pick Someone Like You and then make it sound even more boring at the beginning. It's already a slow ballad. Give it to Sam Bailey and let her belt the crap out of it. Aside from the boring beginning and Nicholas' voice cracking a few times, it was fine. Not exceptional. Just fine.

Well, that's another week of the X Factor. Contestants were bad for different reasons. Some were boring. Some sang poorly. Some forgot lyrics. And I've wasted another hour or so of my life on this. Hooray!

See you next week,

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