Wednesday, November 13, 2013

John Freida Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner REVIEW

Hello peanuts!

I think I'm finally ready to review the samples of John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and John Freida Full Repair Full Body Conditioner I received in my September ipsy bag. Now, before we begin, you should know that my hair pretty much does what it wants to. I rarely style my hair with heat or product (maybe five times a year at the most) and I usually just put it up in a ponytail. I would describe my hair as fine, straight, and generally dry and dull.

This product is recommended for hair damaged from heat-styling and coloring, which I don't have, but I was hoping to still see some improvement in the texture and look of my hair as this is supposed to be a "repairing" shampoo and my hair is somewhat dry and dull.

The shampoo is a translucent and vaguely pearlescent gel. It lathers reasonably well if you use enough of it though it lathers to a kind of soapy lather instead of the rich mousse-like texture that I prefer. It has a very pretty scent which isn't very strong in the shower and completely disappears once you've rinsed it out of your hair but it was one of the things I liked about it. The scent reminds me of a particular perfume but I can't place it. The one thing I really disliked about this shampoo was that it left my hair with a squeaky, stripped feeling that made the use of the conditioner a necessary step. It wasn't as bad as the Lush shampoo bars that I've tried but it was still unpleasant and it doesn't seem like something that's good for your hair.

The conditioner is an opaque white cream. It leaves hair with a smooth, sleek feeling but it doesn't detangle as well as other conditioners I've tried. For girls with very tangled or curly hair, this probably won't eliminate the need for detangling products.

As for results, I think this shampoo and conditioner combo left my hair noticeably flat and frizzy. However, I think it may have also made my hair shinier, though that could always just be the change in temperature and climate as I've been using it from late September to early November.

DAY 1: I started with dirty hair and an itchy scalp. For the past few weeks my hair had been normal, slightly dry but not damaged. I noticed that the shampoo did not lather much. The conditioner did a pretty good job detangling my hair (not that my hair is ever that tangled). The conditioner left my hair with a smooth, sleek feeling. As always, I rinsed my hair with cold water. When my hair dried, I found it to be noticeably frizzy and still dry. This is going to sound odd because I just said that my hair was frizzy but it was also very flat. The wash didn't give me any boost in volume and I think my hair might have been flatter than usual. About half a day later my scalp was already feeling a little itchy.
DAY 2:  Four days later, I tried again. I started with Head and Shoulders and then moved on to the John Freida products. The shampoo seemed to lather better this time. It doesn't lather into a rich mousse-y texture but a kind of soapy lather. The shampoo left my hair with a slightly squeaky feel that went away after I used the conditioner. Again, the conditioner was a good detangler but I don't think it would work that well for really tangled or curly hair. The next night, my scalp was itchy again.
DAY 3: Four days later, I again began with Head and Shoulders and then followed by the shampoo and conditioner. There was nothing new to report except that I noticed the scent of the shampoo. It reminds me of a particular perfume but I can't place the scent. It has a lightness to it though it isn't particularly citrus-y or sharp. You can't smell the shampoo once you've washed it out.
DAY 4: After two days, I washed my hair again. I had been noticing that my day two hair was generally looking worse and my scalp seemed to itch more often. I do think that the shampoo gives my hair a squeaky, stripped feeling.
DAY 5:  I again started with Head and Shoulders. At this point, I felt like I did not like the shampoo and I preferred my usual Garnier conditioner to this one as my Garnier conditioner is a better detangler.
DAY 6:  Four days later, I washed my hair again, starting with Head and Shoulders before using a liberal amount of this John Freida shampoo. It lathered pretty well though I would still call it a soapy lather and left my hair with a squeaky feel when I washed it out. The conditioner took away the feeling.
DAY 7: A few days later, I followed the same procedure. Again, I noticed that my hair was very frizzy. It is debatable whether my hair is shinier and whether that has anything to do with the product as it could just be a change in the weather.
DAY 8: Same.
DAY 9: Same.

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