Monday, November 4, 2013

Urban Decay Haul

Hi peanuts!

God damn it, where did my willpower go? I got so excited a while back when Urban Decay posted something on their facebook page about having the Glinda palette on sale as I assumed that the Theodora palette was also on sale and I've been on the fence about getting it since it came out. However, Theodora was out of stock so I did not place an order. And then they posted about their sale section again and I ended up hauling more items that I had originally wanted to qualify for free shipping. Damn.

Before this post gets too salty, I'll begin to get into the products. Now, one of the products I really wanted was the Dangerous palette as it has a lot of the same shades that attracted me to the Smoked palette. Dangerous works better for me as I tend to keep my makeup looks simple so I probably won't be using this palette all the time. I think the packaging is very cute. I like that it's small enough to travel with and secure enough because of the zippered, magnetized bag that I don't have to worry too much about it opening and getting destroyed.

Longtime readers know that I'm primarily a nail polish girl so I could not resist the Naked Nail Kit. I'm excited to see how the polishes will look on my nails though I don't know when I'll be swatching the set as I have so many polishes I need to review.

And then I couldn't really think of anything else I wanted so I picked up another Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Binge (which I might put in a giveaway if I end up not liking the one I already own) and a 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Gash since I do kind of a need a lip pencil for my darker lip colors and it can't hurt to try out the formula. It felt very creamy when I swatched it. I'm excited to try it out once my lip allergy full heals.

All of the items I mentioned in this post are still on sale, excluding the Naked Nail Kit, so I've left links if you're interested in hauling any of the products for yourself. 

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