Tuesday, November 19, 2013

REVIEW of Revlon Nail Enamel in 571 Posh With SWATCHES

Hello my little aristocrats,
Today I have a rather inappropriately named polish for you. No, it's nothing naughty. I just wouldn't call a bright green polish "Posh." Not to cast aspersions on the brand, but the color makes me think of Kate Spade. Anyway, let's jump right into the review.

Color: Revlon Posh is a medium green creme polish. As a green it leans more towards blue than yellow. I would call it a Kelly green but as we've reviewed on this site before, you could tell someone to paint a room Kelly green and end up with a forest green room. It's bright enough of a green to draw attention but subdued in a way. The color is muted enough to not be blinding like a neon. It's a fun pop of color which is why it reminds me of that kind of preppy Kate Spade/J. Crew style.
Formula: The formula is on the thicker side without being super goopy and unmanageable. The polish was thick enough to cling fairly strongly to the brush but thin enough to not be all that opaque. However it did start threading.
Application: Application of the first coat was smooth but not totally even. I had no issues with dragging but I wasn't getting a perfectly even layer of polish. Also, I got one bubble. When I was applying the second coat, the polish seemed to have thickened and I was noticing that short threads of polish formed as I drew the brush out of the bottle. The threads were short and broke quickly so thankfully this polish wasn't a complete headache to apply but I would not try and work with this polish at all. Do not go over each coat to even out the polish. Use a light hand and you'll get better results. After two coats the polish appeared reasonably opaque but a light test revealed some bald spots and I wanted to cover up some of the bubbles that had appeared so I used a third coat to get the polish to full opacity.
Wear: I wore this polish for four days. It stained a little when I took it off. It was easy enough to remove the staining by going back in with the nail polish remover but I thought I should mention it as a good polish should not stain.

CONCLUSION: I would not recommend this polish. If you are reluctant to shell out money for a green polish, you might want to grit your teeth and attempt to use this polish as it isn't impossible but it's really not worth the trouble unless you really can't find a similar color from another brand.


OK, now you're just going to have to trust me because the next few swatches are weird. I know. I can't edit a photo to save my life. But I promise the color of the polish in those photos is a lot more accurate than the yellowish-green polish in the photos that follow.

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