Saturday, June 9, 2012

REVIEW of Sinful Colors Cinderella with SWATCHES

Hi darlings!

I'm not sure how I'm managed to avoid mentioning this at every opportunity, but I am a Disney fanatic. I grew up during the Disney Renaissance and those stories and that music completely informed the development of my critical faculties. That is why I've been hunting down Sinful Colors Cinderella like a maniac from the moment I saw it on Nouveau Cheap. I heard the formula was terrible, goopy and sheer, but the moment I saw swatches and heard the name, I wanted that color. Well, of course they were all right.

Cinderella is a shimmery light blue polish that attempts to capture the magic of Cinderella's ball gown in the animated film. I'm not sure if this was a Disney collaboration but it's pretty clear that was the kind of blue they were going for. Now the coloring of her dress changes throughout the movie, so they could have gone with a demure powder blue, or a deeper cornflower blue, or even a pale blue gray with a ton of sparkle to match that moment when her fairy godmother first transforms her dress. They went with a sheer pale blue with a TON of pink shimmer. The nail polish appears different indoors in dim lighting and outdoors in bright lighting though I couldn't capture the indoor shade. Outdoors, the pale blue does remind me of her dress but it's not really all that special. Indoors, in dim lighting (i.e. at night), the color gets darker, brighter, and more saturated and all of that pink shimmer comes out to the point that the polish looks greasy. Even though the polish is pretty sheer, you'll notice the shimmer in the first coat.

Application was a hassle. I needed four coats of polish to get it opaque and try and fix all the patchiness, though I still couldn't get smooth, even coverage as you can see from the swatches. The polish was watery and gloopy but it wasn't messy to work with. Applying the polish was not the problem, it was how the polish looked on the nail. It was pretty impossible to get even coats.

Conclusion: I think this is a very pretty color but it feels like something Cinderella would have worn before she met her prince (assuming she had the time to do her nails). If you really feel the need to have this polish, it costs about the same as a pack of gum but it might be better to hold out and hope that Essie or O.P.I. do a Disney Princess collaboration with Disney in the future. It's not completely implausible as O.P.I. has already done a collection for the Muppets and Minnie Mouse.

Question: Assuming O.P.I. did a Disney Princess or Disney Villain collection what colors would you love to see? Maybe a shimmery Kissed a Frog Prince for Tiana? A Colors of the Wind duochrome (like Just Spotted the Lizard) for Pocahontas? The easy choice for Belle would be powder blue or yellow like her two dresses in the movie but I'd love if they could somehow capture the colors in Beast's final transformation scene in a glitter or shimmer polish. In such a happy mood right now. :)


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