Monday, November 17, 2014

Beyond Vintage Sample Sale Report November 2014

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The second sample I visited at 275 W 39th St was a little more worthwhile, at least for me. The Beyond Vintage sample sale will be open from November 17-21 and November 24-26. Sale hours are 11:00 am- 6:00 pm. The sale is on the second floor of the building. There is no coat or bag check and possibly because there were less than shoppers there when I was browsing, things were pretty chill.

Now here are my pro tips. If it's still raining, do bring a plastic or cloth bag of your own from home. I took the train from Bryant Park and the paper bag they gave me broke after two or three stops. Also, dress in something that you can try clothes over. They have very large windows in the showroom that look out onto the street and there is no closed off dressing area to try things on.
The Beyond Vintage sale mainly consists of blouses. There are some dresses but it's mainly tops. But first let's talk about what I think is the real draw, the actual vintage items. There were about four racks of real vintage items on the far side of the room opposite from the check out table. Dresses were $20 and tops were $10. Now I do love shopping at vintage shops from time to time because you can find some really interesting pieces in large sizes but even I have to admit that not everything here is gold. There was a very cute black 1920's style dress with a lot of beading but there were also sequined pieces that should only be worn by little old ladies for Bingo Night. Everything seemed pretty well maintained but some pieces definitely seemed like they had seen better days and had that musty quality that I personally try to avoid with vintage shopping. Still, I would start here and try and find some treasures before tackling the rest of the sale. You also have a better chance of finding different sizes in this section. I asked and they said they might be restocking both the vintage and the regular Beyond Vintage merchandise later in the sale if they sold a lot of the stock out on the floor.
Vintage Dresses
Vintage Dresses
Vintage Tops
Vintage Tops

The rest of the sale as previously stated consists of blouses, mainly in small with some mediums. There were some sweaters in a bin and some mock vintage dresses but for the most part, you'll find a lot of thin, lightweight blouses. I think ever color of the rainbow is covered, but I personally found the white and cream tops that looked almost like real vintage pieces the prettiest. To figure out the price, look at the tag. The color of the sticker: green, blue, red, and yellow corresponds to a price; $20, $40, $60, or $80. Generally all the items on one rack are the same price though I did see a few items mixed together so pay attention to the tags.

There were odd knit bathing suits on this rack mixed in with the shirts.

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