Thursday, November 6, 2014

Drugstore Product Stalking: TJ Maxx 620 Avenue of the Americas

Hello maxxinistas,

What? Drugstore Product Stalking: TJ Maxx Edition? Yes, Drugstore Product Stalking: TJ Maxx Edition. This is part of the reason I was late posting my Alexis Bittar Sample Sale Report. I also popped into Old Navy to try and find some workout clothes. They're having 20%-50% off sales and I picked up some T-shirts. But anyway, we're talking about TJ Maxx right now. Now I have a regular TJ Maxx I go to in the suburbs for clothes but the beauty section there is pitifully small and usually out of stock of anything good. I stopped in to this TJ Maxx for the first time to see if I could find some gloves. I got a little sidetracked.
OPI polish duos for $7.99? That's the price of one bottle of OPI polish. Less than one bottle if you're in one of those crazy places that tries to charge you $8.50.
The packaging is a little confusing because it lists all the possible polish duos on the back and you have to pull the bottle out of the packaging to read the name on the bottom. I didn't have all the time in the world so I wasn't able to do that. 
However, even before looking at the packaging I knew these two were Don't Pretzel My Buttons and Don't Talk Bach to me. Because I am a crazy person.
These Nicole by OPI duos were an even better deal at $5.99.
I spotted quite a few of the Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez and Modern Family collection polishes in this section. I definitely saw Selena, Love Song, and Scarlett and I think the Modern Family polishes included Haley, Mitch, Cameron, Gloria, and Phil.
Of the China Glaze polishes in the mix I spied Red Satin and Elephant Walk (which I overpaid for in my excitement at trying a China Glaze polish for the first time). 

There were a few random Sally Hansen polishes.
The Essie polishes weren't the best colors except for a polish that looked a bit like a Leading Lady dupe. 

Orly Plum Pixel $3.99
They also had Orly Luxe and Orly Shine but I told myself I have too many gold and silver polishes already and dropped them off before checkout.
Sally Hansen Tulle Kit $2.99
Essie As Gold As It Gets $4.99
I'm not as familiar with fragrance pricing as I am with polish pricing but I didn't think the prices were that great until I spied this DKNY perfume. I think this collection was released a year or two ago. There was a whole range. Paris, London, Rio. I couldn't remember if this was the one I liked and I've had bad luck with spur of the moment fragrance purchases but it's a good deal if you like the scent.
I was tempted to get one of these beauty blender dupes if only just to try it out but I held myself back. I already have two beauty blenders and I rarely use them because I don't wear foundation anymore and I usually apply concealer with my fingers or a brush. While these are only $3.99 each I was worried that the dye might wash out of the sponges.
I just bought a sharpener from Harmon's but this sharpener selling for $4.99 is so much prettier. Also, it claims to sharper three sizes of pencil but the drawing on the back was not terribly clear so I decided to skip this product. 
I'm not a big fan of Batiste dry shampoo but both scents as well as the brunette formula were available for $5.99 a can.
More polish!

The makeup section wasn't that exciting. It was mostly elf. I don't know which TJ Maxx's are carrying Too Faced but they're clearly not the ones near me.

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