Monday, November 17, 2014

RD Style Sample Sale Report November 2014

Hello raindrops,

Because I love you so very much, I decided to trek out into the rain this morning to cover some sample sales for you. And because I knew everyone else would go to Rebecca Minkoff, I went to two sample sales at 275 W 39th Street instead. The other report will be coming shortly (as soon as I've finished writing this one) but for now let's talk about the RD Style sale. The sale is taking place from Monday November 17 through Friday November 21. Hours are 10:00 am- 5:00 pm. The sale is on the 7th floor and at least while I was there we had to use the freight elevator.

Now, when I left the house the rain wasn't too bad but by the time I left the second sale, it was pouring. I don't know if that explains the low turnout or if like me, there was just a lack of brand recognition. Pricing is fairly simple. Instead of items being tagged, everything is just priced by general category. Sweaters are $20. Pants are $15. Blouses are $15. T-shirts are $10. Outerwear is $30-$30.  Racked NY says they are only accepting cash but the saleswoman didn't bring it up.

The sale consists of only four racks. There are other racks in their showroom but none of the racks along the wall are included in the sale merchandise. The rack closest to the elevators holds most of the pants. There were fairly simple black pants and shorts as well as khaki shorts. I wouldn't go to the sale just to buy pants but you might find a nice basic pair of slim fit pants to pair with a loose top. Sizes varied. I saw everything from small to large but mainly mediums.

The next rack consists of outerwear. If you're thinking about attending this sale, this is what you should go for. There was one trenchcoat style but this rack mainly held leather jackets. The leather is thin faux leather but it doesn't feel super cheap like bad faux leather can and I thought some of the styles were cute. Jackets were mainly black, camel/beige, or this pewter color though there were one or two random white and brown jackets. As with the pants there are a lot of multiples among the jackets though again mediums dominate.

The last two racks were made up of blouses and sweaters and T-shirts. There were more smalls in this section but I don't think it would matter much as most of the items were loose-fitting knits. There were fewer multiples in this section.

I think pricing is pretty fair if not spectacular. The prices weren't slashed that much but most of the items didn't seem to be that expensive to begin with. For example one of the leather jackets was originally $79. I wouldn't go out of your way to attend this sale, especially in this weather but if you're in the area and considering picking up a faux leather jacket, it might be worth a look.

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