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REVIEW of Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in 85 Berry Ready

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This is one of many dark lipstick reviews that will hopefully be coming your way if I stay on track. Embarrassingly, I actually picked this up as part of a haul all the way back in March 2014. Eep! I'm so bad at reviewing things in a timely fashion. I only started using it in May and even though this color makes no sense in the summer I continued to test it from time to time through to the middle of July. Now that the weather's actual perfect for a color like this I'm happy to finally be reviewing it for you.

Color: Maybelline Berry Ready is a berry colored lipstick. I'm sure you're shocked. Of course, berry means different things to different people and different makeup companies. This berry is partway between red and a deep pink with a very slight tinge of plum. When I swipe it on I often see more of that deep reddish pink with the hint of plum but for some reason when it photographs and especially after I've been wearing it for a while I feel like it goes more red. I was impressed with how pigmented it was even in the first swipe. Of course I chose a darker shade but still, you'd expect a formula like this to be a little lacking in color. I think it's a nice color for fall if you're looking to dry a darker lip color but you don't want to commit to really intense, almost black reds and purples. It's also nice if you have paler skin and you want that high contrast but I think it would look nice with a range of skin tones.
Formula/Finish: The formula is fairly light. It doesn't have the creamyness or weight that I associate it with a standard lipstick formula but it isn't really like a balm either. I think it's closest to a balm but without the moisturizing feel. When it is first applied it has a slight sheen but that fades fairly quickly.
Application: I think the lipstick glides on to the lips smoothly but it will catch in any dry flakes. As I mentioned it's very pigmented so you don't have to build it up. It applies evenly.
Wear: I don't find the product particularly slick or greasy. It feels very light on the lips, almost like a liquid product without the wetness or stickiness. I've also tried patting it on and wearing it as a stain. I don't recommend that if your lips are already dry. As a stain, it has a softer look and appears more like a deep pink. If you're eating and drinking the product will wear away from the center of your lips leaving that ring around your lips. In my experience, this lipstick is a little drying, especially if you wear it for a few hours without reapplying. I wore this once for five hours without eating or drinking and by the end of that time I felt like I had applied a tint or a dry lip crayon or lip liner. The color was still bold but there was a bit of feathering around my top lip.
Scent: The scent is not really distinct for me. It seems to almost be a mix of two things. I get a bit of fruitiness and also a bit of a candy scent. Both are deeper scents though like cherry and caramel for instance instead of very girly, light notes. It's not a very strong scent and I'm sure the fragrance is just there to mask the scent of the ingredients. I don't think it should bother those of you who are sensitive to fragrance but if you avoid all fragrance it's something to be aware of.
Taste: I don't think this product has any taste.
Price: These lipsticks are $7.49 at According to my old drugstore product stalking posts, they used to be $8.49 at CVS. But whether you're buying it online or in person I would wait for a sale. You can easily find something that will bring down the price. I think about five or six dollars is fair for a lipstick like this.
Packaging: I find the shape of the bullet a little annoying. It's hard to get the precision you want, especially around the cupid's bow with the cylindrical shape of the lipstick. I wouldn't mind so much with a balm or a lighter color but you're kind of sunk if you mess up with a darker color like this. If you take your time you can pretty much manage but it's still annoying since this is not the kind of product I'm going to whip out a lip brush (which I'd later have to wash) to use.

CONCLUSION: If you like deep berry lip products and you prefer lighter formulas that don't sacrifice pigment, I think you'll like Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Berry Ready. If you have drier lips this might not be for you as it can be drying and it will catch in any flakes or rough patches but as far as drugstore products go, I think it's a nice introduction to darker lip colors for fall at a good price.
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Reds and pinks can photograph atrociously. All the photos have been highly edited but I still wasn't get them to where I wanted them. Picture a deep berry like a more pink version of the color in the tube and a deep red.

Bare lips 
You can see how much I had to edit the photos below from the difference in skin tone.

Berry (darker in real life)
Berry (darker in real life)
Berry (darker in real life)
Red (darker in real life)
Red (darker in real life)
Red (darker in real life)
Red (darker in real life)

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