Saturday, November 8, 2014

REVIEW of KBShimmer Nail Polish in My Life's Porpoise

Hello my little dolphins,

How adorable is the name of this polish? My Life's Porpoise? I can't even stand it. I have quite a few gray creme polishes already (although they don't have the best formulas) so I probably wouldn't have picked up another gray creme if the name wasn't so cute. As far as I know, KBShimmer is not available in stores. I purchased this polish from their website.

Color: My Life's Porpoise is a medium gray creme polish. I definitely own lighter gray cremes like Color Club Silver Lake but my sense is that My Life's Porpoise is also darker that my other medium gray cremes like Zoya Dove and Confetti Lonesome Dove. I'd have to swatch them all to confirm that. I do like this polish but I don't think it flatters me. It's either too blue-toned or too dark. It doesn't really clash with my skintone but it doesn't flatter the yellow undertones in my skin the way other gray polishes do. However, it does go great with almost any outfit because it can act as a neutral.
Formula: The formula of this polish is a little thin.
Application: The first coat of polish applied super smoothly. While the formula isn't incredibly thin and watery it is thin enough that if you apply too much pressure you can push the polish off the nail with the brush. The second coat of polish also went on smoothly without drag but the polish wouldn't completely even out for me. Although the polish was even in general there were a few nails where the brush formed ridges in the polish. At two coats the polish was still patchy under a light test so I added a third coat. The third coat applied without any drag but I would not try to work with this polish if any ridges or unevenness develops. You will just make things work. This is a polish that does not want to be messed with. At three coats the polish was opaque though there was a bit of balding. You likely wouldn't notice it except under a light test. Painting with my nondominant hand I had less control so the polish applied more patchy and with more ridges but it still went on relatively smoothly and evenly.
Wear: I've been wearing this polish for five days. Even though I haven't been precious with my manicure I've experienced very minimal, almost negligible tip wear in that time.

CONCLUSION: This is one of those serviceable polishes. The color isn't that exciting. Application isn't perfect but it isn't horrible and you get fine results. If you're in the market for this particular shade of gray creme then I think My Life's Porpoise is a decent choice. If the color doesn't appeal to you straightaway then I don't think there's much else worth noting to sell this polish to you.


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