Saturday, November 29, 2014

REVIEW of Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Persian Blue With SWATCHES

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I have had this polish for a long time. Now I hang on to most of my polishes for a long time but I usually try them once and then let them languish in my collection. Not so with my Joe Fresh polishes. I bought three of them years ago, possibly in 2012, maybe even in 2011. And... well, it always seemed like there was something more exciting that I could be trying out. Something red or silver or glittery. Something vampy or pearly or bright. So my Joe Fresh polishes just sat there, literally collecting dust. I reviewed Denim around the same time last year. And now Persian Blue's time has come.

Color: Joe Fresh Persian Blue is a greenish teal creme polish. I have never heard of persian blue before. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. Personally, I don't see blue. I see teal. It's been a while since I was obsessed with the color and if you want I can do a new comparison post but my memory tells me that this polish is closer to Revlon Fashionista and maybe Essie Go Overboard than it is to O.P.I. Ski Teal We Drop. For me, this color is never really that blue. From the color in the bottle you'd expect it to look more like Zoya Natty but instead it's either greenish teal, a very dark teal, or a color you could mistake for hunter green at night.
Formula: Persian Blue has one of my favorite kinds of formulas to work with. It's thin and liquid-y and glides over the nail.
Application: First let me say that the Joe Fresh bottle and brush were poorly designed. The brush has a short stem though the bristles are a relatively normal length and the big cap gets in the way when you're trying to apply polish without damaging the manicure. I will concede that having a shorter stem prevents the brush from loading up with too much polish which could drip down and flood your cuticles. However, that does not excuse the size of the cap. Anyway, the first coat of polish was a bit watery and thin and applied very smoothly. The polish was very shiny even without top coat though that shine dulled as it dried. The second coat also went on very smoothly and the formula made this polish really lovely to work with. A third coat was required because of patchiness and balding. At three coats the polish was opaque with the slightest bit of balding. I don't go over the polish a lot while I'm applying it and you could easily fix it by just applying slightly thicker coats.
Wear: I wore this polish for four days. By the night of the fourth day, I was experiencing tip wear. I could have conceivably continued to wear the polish if I rewrapped the tips of my nails but because my nails don't really show a lot of signs of wear, I think the damage might be more dramatic on some of you. Normally, when I get tip wear that isn't chipping, it's very even, following the curve of my nail. This tip wear hadn't worn away a lot of polish but it was uneven and jagged.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish if you like the color. Personally, I have teals that are more flattering on me but this polish applies like a dream so i you like more greenish teals and have access to a Joe Fresh I'd suggest trying to find it. It is a little thin and I have the sense it doesn't hold up as well as the more expensive drugstore polishes but those were minor issues for me.


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