Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Failed Products

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If you have followed this blog for a while, you might be familiar with my Failed Products round-up. This is a post where I collect all my most disappointing, most aggravating, and usually returned products into one big rant. It keeps me from wasting more time than necessary on these unsuccessful products and you get to read bite-sized mini reviews of frustration. Shall we get started?

Benefit Porefessional Primer (available at Sephora or directly from Benefit)
I have very large, often clogged pores on my nose, making me the target consumer for this product. This primer wasn't horrible but it was tremendously disappointing given all the hype. Like many Benefit products, this primer is scented. I smelled lemon but Benefit products generally just have a nondescript sort of light, pretty, feminine scent. You might find it pleasant or irritating. I wasn't bothered one way or the other. I did think it minimized the look of pores slightly when initially applied. However, during the day, I found the product sort of rising out of my pores so I had a bunch of little bumps on the surface of my nose. I also didn't like the finish, which was sort of matte yet silky. I found that the product emphasizes how dry my skin (I used this during winter) and it looked especially bad when I had a cold and my skin was red and irritated from sneezing. When it first comes out of the tube it looks like it has a color but if you blend well, it's not really pigmented. However, my skin tone is pretty light (I usually wear the lightest or close to the lightest shade of foundation in any line) so I'm not sure how this would perform on darker skin tones.
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in 006 Pink Blush
I follow some UK bloggers who love Rimmel products but this lipstick didn't do anything for me. I found the packaging to be a little cheap. The tube is a shimmery eggplant color with silver metal which I don't mind but the closure only seems semi-secure. I was really afraid this one was going to pop open in my purse. It clicks open and closed but it feels a little weak. The lipstick itself is a very pretty stain finish pink with no shimmer. Application was smooth. HOWEVER, it looked absolutely terrible on my lips. The swatches do not do justice to how bad it looked. It felt greasy, it was not opaque no matter how many layers I applied and it sinks into your lips to fill in any lines but leave the rest of your lips patchily covered. I think the color was nice from a distance but it looks so terrible up close I can't possibly recommend it.

CVS Eye Makeup Remover

I'm going to keep this one nice and short. Quite simply, I found this product useless. It was utterly rubbish at removing my eye makeup. Even the products that can be removed with warm water and a bit of soap were too much for it to handle. I know this is a favorite of a few bloggers but the best I can say about it is that it wasn't oily (like the Neutrogena eye makeup remover) and it didn't sting my eyes much.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Lasting and Perfecting Corrector in 02 Medium
I tried out this concealer for about a week, finding its performance tremendously average but when it melted under pressure, it went back to the store. First of all, I dislike how few shades there are. This means its harder to fully match your skin tone and unlike other palette products, you can't just mix different shades to get your perfect color. Sephora offers this concealer in light, medium, and dark. It's basically a cream concealer in a twist up pencil shape. The product is double sides, with a larger rounded ended for covering a larger area and a small, sharper-tipped end for doing detail spot coverage or getting close to the lash line for precision. I'd say this product offers medium coverage and while you can make it look reasonably natural it doesn't blend in fully and can be noticeable under your eyes. It wore pretty well during most of the testing period though I did find that it faded a bit throughout the day. My breaking point came on a hot, humid day when it migrated down to the tops of my cheeks and left cakey residue in the outer corners of my eye.

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