Tuesday, June 19, 2012

REVIEW of O.P.I.'s Go On Green! With SWATCHES

Hello darlings!

I hope you're having a lovely summer. If you follow this blog, you will probably know that I'm spending my summer studying as I seem to be starting almost every review by mentioning that. Sorry! It just happens to be what's on my mind. The other thing that's been on my mind lately is a color. Somewhere between mint and sea foam. I cannot tell you how much it's been popping up in magazines and on blogs, etc. etc. lately. It's definitely the embodiment of one of my most hated phrases "on trend". Nevertheless it is such a pretty color that it's spurred an eyeshadow obsession in me. I have a matte eyeshadow from Inglot in #345 and a Stila single eyeshadow called Cha Cha that I bought because they remind me of the mint/sea foam color I've been obsessing over.

When I finally decided to pull O.P.I.'s Go On Green! which I've had in my collection for a very long time (Maybe 1 or 2 winters ago. The store I bought it at is actually closed now.) but haven't used until now, I didn't expect it to remind me of the color I've seen popping up everywhere lately. I know it's called Go On Green! but it looks like s shimmery light aqua in the bottle. I guess I feel like with a name like that it should be a traffic light kind of bright green.

Anyway, on to the formal review... (Recommend looking at the swatches)

Color: This is a very sheer and shimmery light green polish with a hint of blue. There's also an odd undertone. It's not a duochrome but depending on how your nail reflects the light, the part not reflecting the light can seem slightly pink/purple. It can also take on that slightly greasy look that certain shimmers do.
Formula: Again, it is very sheer. I used 4 coats to try and get it opaque and it's still not fully opaque. Also, once the polish dries you can see that the surface isn't perfectly even and it looks almost grainy. I think that's a phenomenon caused by the shimmer.
Application: I was worried about the larger brush but I had no problems. It was very easy to apply and applied very smoothly without the brush dragging.

My personal opnion is that while I think this is a very pretty polish that on the whole applies pretty well, I just don't like the finish. I prefer opaque polishes over sheer ones, especially when it comes to color or shimmer. This polish might be nice to layer with other things but on its own, I just find it a bit offputting. When it catches the light, I love it because I can pretend it's opaque. When it doesn't it looks like an uneven paint job.

Conclusion: If you like this color and you don't mind a sheer polish, I would feel comfortable recommending this based on the easy application.
SWATCHES (I tried to use the swatches to display all the qualities I discussed in the review.) 

First, here's Go On Green! with Stila Cha Cha eyeshadow.

Now, here is Go On Green! looking green. It's most apparent indoors or in dimmer lighting.

Here is Go On Green! in direct sunlight looking greasy, shimmery, and slightly purple/pink.

And here are just some extra photos.

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