Sunday, June 10, 2012

REVIEW and Comparison OPI Black Cherry Chutney and Milani Black Cherry with SWATCHES

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I have another comparison review for you today. This time I'm putting two "black cherry" colors from different brands head to head. On my index finger and ring finger (1 and 3 from the left) I'm wearing Milani's Black Cherry. On my middle finger and pinky finger (2 and 4 from the left) I'm wearing O.P.I.'s Black Cherry Chutney. To make things easier, I'm going to first do mini-reviews of each and then do a comparison. Swatches will be at the end, as always.

O.P.I Black Cherry Chutney

Black Cherry Chutney is a very dark purple polish with subtle red shimmer. In some lighting, it can look almost black or brown (because of the red-tone). This is one of those great smooth O.P.I. formulas. The bottle I purchased, had a really big brush. I don't remember if this is how O.P.I. polishes used to be or if this was just something particular to this bottle but I found it annoying. The polish applied evenly in 2 coats but I did 3 for the sake of comparison because the Milani wasn't as opaque in 2 coats.

  Milani Black Cherry

Milani's Black Cherry is a dark red polish with subtle red shimmer. It can also look very dark in certain lighting but it's always lighter than Black Cherry Chutney. Application was reasonably even though I did have trouble with getting the brush into corners without making a mess. I had to do 3 coats. It was noticably red in the first and second coats but darkened quite a bit in the third coat.

  • O.P.I. is a purple polish, Milani is a red polish
  • Both have red shimmer
  • Both are red-based
  • Both are very dark in 3 coats
  • The Milani is lighter than the O.P.I. is all lighting
  • O.P.I. more opaque
  • O.P.I. applies slightly better
Conclusion: These polishes are NOT dupes for each other but unless you just have to have a really complete collection, I'd choose one or the other. You won't be missing anything. The O.P.I. has a slightly nicer formula once you get used to the brush but the Milani is almost half the price. It comes down to a slight color difference and which aspects of the product are more important to you.

I went a little crazy with the swatches and camera settings this time so you could see all the differences between these polishes.

This really emphasizes the red/purple difference. I used flash.

I wanted to show you how dark these can look and how similar they are.

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