Sunday, July 1, 2012

RAVE REVIEW of Lush's Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar

Now that I have almost completely depleted my bar of Lush's Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar, I think it's time that I write a review. If you knew me, you'd know that I find it very difficult to use a product that I know I do not like. I will half consciously/half unconsciously let a product sit in my house unused if I've tried it and found it not to my liking. If, say I have a heavily fragranced hand cream that I dislike using on my hands but could just as easily use on other dry patches of skin on my body, I will probably let it sit there until it expires instead of going through the trouble of using it. So when I deplete a shampoo bar that I only need to run over my hair once after a few months, I really like it.

At first, Ultimate Shine and I were not friends. I was extremely skeptical about the capabilities of what appeared to be a smaller than palm-sized round bar of soap that seemed to be composed of little granules. The first time I tried using it, it lathered up impressively and I loved the strong, feminine scent. It was light and creamy like white flowers and creme brulee. (Hey, I've told you I'm terrible at describing scents.) Then, I kind of freaked out. The shampoo had made my hair oddly stiff, impossible to work with, and, well, squeaky. My hair made a very distinct squeaky noise when I ran my hand over it. Panicking slightly, I washed it out with my regular Garnier shampoo and my Garnier conditioner. This restored my hair to its normal texture. I was less than thrilled with this initial experience until I noticed that when my hair dried it seemed shinier. And it was still shiny the second day after washing.

After a while, I developed a routine.
1. Head and Shoulders shampoo for dry scalp
2. Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo bar- pass it over the hair from scalp to ends once only, lather up, and rinse out, will make hair stiff no matter what
3. Garnier shampoo
4. Garnier conditioner

Results: Soft, shiny hair with volume (my hair is normally dry, dull, and flat)

The people at my Lush kind of lie when you ask them questions and can sometimes give you a hard sell. I have fine, thin hair. I would suggest having another shampoo and a conditioner handy just in case this shampoo bar makes your hair stiff like it does with mine. Once I run out of Ultimate Shine I'm going to switch to another Lush Shampoo Bar just to try it out but I think Lush Ultimate Shine is staying in my routine after that.

Conclusion: I DEFINITELY recommend this product.

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