Saturday, July 28, 2012

REVIEW Pixi Tink Tint

Hello chickadees,

Yup, I've finally decided. I really do not like this product. You could probably track the story of my experience obtaining Pixi Tink Tint through my blog posts. At first I'd heard great things and was incredibly excited about it. Then, I heard about a Target sale and wanted to get it so I could get a Tinkerbell tote bag as an accompanying gift. And then I tried it and well, failed to love it. I tried my best to give this product a fair chance. It's supposed to be one of those color changing lip products that adjusts to the chemistry of each person's body. I was disappointed when it ended up being an incredibly bright, artificial looking pink on me when it seemed like such a perfect "my lips but better" color in other blogger's swatches. Still, I wanted to see if I'd at least like it as a product even if I didn't love the color. The product has a nice minty smell though the taste is a little artificial and strange. Also, it causes my lips to tingle for a while after I've applied it though it doesn't result in any noticeable plumping. It glides on the lips easily and feels like a silky lip balm. Unfortunately, it dries out my lips. Every single time I wear it, it dries out my lips. I've tried every kind of balm and gloss I have over and under it and it still dries out my lips. And not in a sort of dry instead of moisturizing way. It really dries out my lips, to the point that in winter, it caused them to flake and split quite painfully. To me, the only positive thing I can say about the product is that I like the packaging. It fails to deliver everything I look for in a lip product from color to moisture to taste/smell.

CONCLUSION: I cannot think of anything to recommend this product. It is also kind of on the expensive side for what is essentially a lip balm without a big color payoff or lasting power. I know Clinique, Tarte, and Revlon make similar lip products. If you're that attached to the concept of this product, I'd suggest checking out one of those lines instead.


Lips without any product for comparison

Lips with Pixi Tink Tint (sky was overcast, brighter in person)

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