Saturday, July 28, 2012

Drugstore Product Stalking: 2522 Broadway

Hello chickadees!

So I haven't been buying a lot of makeup lately, or wearing a lot of makeup for that matter. My life is dominated by studying and when I do go out I try and keep it light so it doesn't all melt off my face. But I did have a chance to go into a Duane Reade recently and do a bit of nail polishing hauling (I purchased 2 Sinful Colors nail polishes in Firefly and Sweet Dreams and 2 OPI nail polishes in Just Spotted the Lizard and My Pointe Exactly). I spotted a lot of displays on my visit that I thought I'd mention. Sadly I did not have my camera at the time, but if I go back I'll try and take lots of pictures and update this post.

OPI NYC Ballet Collection 2012
If you've been following this blog for a while, you might know that I was obsessed with finding this collection for quite a while, especially after I tried out one of the colors at my favorite nail salon. Eventually, I located it at Eve Beauty Source after being told by OPI that the collection was only going to be carried at specialty beauty supply stores. Um, Duane Reade is NOT a specialty beauty supply store. If I had known I could have just waited a few months...argh. As noted above, I bought myself My Pointe Exactly (which is annoying $8.50 at Duane Reade when it's $8 or less almost everywhere else) though the entire collection was pretty well stocked when I was there.

OPI The Amazing Spider-man Collection 2012
This collection was much easier to find at Ricky's and other stores in the city but after a while it seemed like Just Spotted the Lizard was always out of stock. I had been wanting a backup for a while, so when I saw the display I decided not to second guess it and just pick up this popularly acknowledged dupe for Chanel Peridot. Again, the display was well-stocked.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Sticks
I have heard a lot of good things about these but I think I'll wait until they join the regular L'Oreal display. Right now everytime I check the display the colors are all in the wrong spots and because there's no seal, the lipsticks have been swatched and opened. From what I can tell, the current color selection is dominated by pink, natural shades with a few darker, more vibrant colors.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish
The display was there but it was rather empty. Most of the interesting colors were gone with just a few polishes hanging out when I checked. I have heard some good things about this polish so if you're interested, this is where you can find them.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color
I have reviewed these already as part of my Summer 2012 Influenster Voxbox. I had a relatively good experience using the polish. Looking at the display case, it was very well-stocked. I'd say the only color that really popped for me other than Graphite Gravity (which is the one I own) would be the dark blue shade. Nothing against the rest of the colors, but that's the one I would consider purchasing. All the bottles have the same design so as far as I can tell, all the magnets will produce the same wavy pattern you can see in my swatches of Graphite Gravity. Also of note, there's a packet of Sally Hansen coupons beside the display case if that'll help influence your decision of whether or not to try these polishes out.

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