Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things I Am Currently Obsessed With

Hi chickadees!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
As an English major, admirer of classic literature, and a girl, I feel like I should be a big Jane Austen fan. But I'm not. It's a source of great shame that I try to hide from the other female English majors. I've gotten about a hundred pages into both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility but I just kind of get fed up with her characters. They're pretty unlikable and hypercritical which can only sustain the reader's interest in a novel light on the plot for so long. The only novel of hers that I've finished and liked is Northanger Abbey and that's probably because she made the heroine so silly that she was incapable of spending her time criticizing other people and feeling intellectually superior. But, oddly enough, I tend to love all the Austen adaptations. The quirky ones, that is, like Lost in Austen and Bride and Prejudice. Not that awful Keira Knightley movie.
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a series of videos on youtube that adapts the story of Pride and Prejudice to modern day in the form of video diaries. The strength of the series is the way it avoids all the pitfalls of the original story. Lizzie can be harsh and overly critical but with this new format the other characters can call her on her behavior. Additionally, the story isn't only told through her perspective and some of the more extreme characters are softened in the retelling. Also, my favorite character from the book, Charlotte Lucas is great and Lizzie's sister Lydia completely steals the show. She is completely adorable. And I follow Kitty Bennet (actually a cat) on twitter. Anyway, I highly recommend checking it out.


Finding a Leather Jacket

Now, I already own a leather jacket. I picked it up on a rather uneventful vacation to Turkey. But it doesn't really fit that well anymore and possibly because of poor construction something odd is happening with the collar. So back here in the US, I'm looking for a replacement (in a different style, of course). It is darn near impossible to find a leather jacket made of reasonably good quality leather in anything approaching a flattering style for a good price. I've been considering just gettting something online but I hate not being able to try things on and I don't feel comfortable buying from an unvouched for website. So...still looking.

A Nighttime Moisturizer

My skin is acting up again. It's my fault. In the midst of testing out the products and samples I have lying around I have aggravated it and caused some unpleasant-looing peeling. Coupled with the air indoors and the fact that I haven't been venturing out much and thus applying my daytime moisturizer, my skin is rather parched. As much as I don't want to introduce anything new into my routine (it usually results in breakouts) I'm on the hunt for a good nighttime moisturizer for my dry skin that doesn't contain any SPF. Fleurdeforce just recommended something from La Roche Posay (which you may recognize as my favorite skincare brand) in her monthly favorites so I may try that out and let you know what I think.

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