Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drugstore Product Stalking: 20 University Place CVS Fergie Nail Color

Hi chickadees!

I'm so tired right now. Not too much description in this post, OK? Just pictures. So I don't overwhelm you with pictures, I'm going to split these posts up into separate displays.

Fergie for Wet n' Wild nail polishes. Looked vaguely interesting BUT I opened a bottle and discovered they have the same horrible brushes as the Wet n' Wild Spoiled polishes. If you don't mind that brush, then these might be great for you. They run somewhere between $3-$4. I should note that a lot of the colors look similar to Spoiled colors, especially the glitters.

Looks like Spoiled "Ants in my Pants" don't it? Yup.

I was really tempted to get this one for some reason.


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