Sunday, September 2, 2012

REVIEW of Zoya Nail Polish in Tracie with SWATCHES

Hi chickadees,

You know, I've had this polish for a while now (since my Zoya haul in May) and I've been tempted to try it on multiple occasions but I've always come up with reasons not to. I know, I'm a crazy person, but even though I purchased it, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. Maybe it's just that it reminded me of Essie's Navigate Her which was a bit of a disappointment. I've been wearing Zoya's Tracie for a few days now and I have to say I rather like it. It's not a wow color, but it's pretty, it suits my skin tone and it's a little bit special because of the shimmer.

Color: As I mentioned, Tracie is a light green polish with a hint of shimmer. There's a brightness to it. Whereas other light green polishes seem primarily like a mix of green and white, Tracie seems like it's been lightened with yellow. I know I sometimes don't make sense, but when you see the swatches, I hope you'll understand. This is my favorite kind of shimmer where in certain lighting, it looks like the polish is glowing from within.
Application: For whatever reason, sometimes I shake the bottle of nail polish even when the polish hasn't separated. Don't shake the polish. I had some air bubbles in my final manicure because of it. Trixie didn't go on as smoothly as I would have liked on every nail. This is one of those polishes you need to be a little careful with, especially because the seams show because it is slightly frosty. Or, in other words, there are visible brush strokes. When I was painting the nails on my right hand (using my nondominant hand) I found the job a little bit more difficult but not impossible. It was easier if I used thicker coats of polish and let it flow over the nail instead of using thin coats like I had with the nails on my other hand.
Formula: Decent. Not too watery, not too thick and gloopy. Again, air bubbles, visible brush strokes, slightly temperamental.
Wear: I did find that it began to look dull very quickly. Now, after I paint my nails and apply a layer of top coat, I never apply a layer of top coat again like some people do to preserve the life of their manicures. I don't know what it was about this polish that made it look dull. Maybe it was just the finish, because it was frosted but it wasn't very shiny. I wouldn't go so far as to call it matte or rubberized but there was definitely something odd about it. Personally, I like a shiny finish so this was disappointing.

CONCLUSION: I would not run out and buy this polish. Application was alright but not amazing. It doesn't wear very well (and I only wore it for about a week). And the color is pretty but not anything you need. If there's a Zoya promotion, you might consider throwing this in with the rest of your order if you like the color but again, not something you need.


This last one is so you can get an idea of that glow-from-within quality.

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