Tuesday, September 18, 2012

REVIEW of Confetti Lonesome Dove with SWATCHES (Plus COMPARISON to Zoya Dove)

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I feel like this post needs a little bit of explanation. I don't know whether you've seen my "Shades of Gray Nail Polish Comparison" post but basically, I have quite a few gray polishes now and I wasn't sure which one I wanted to try next. So I started to paint Confetti's Lonesome Dove on the nails on my left hand. It went alright (more on that later). Then I went to paint Lonesome Dove on the nails of my right hand. It went horribly. So horribly I didn't bother to preserve it with top coat to take swatches the next day, I just wiped my nails clean and repainted my nails with Zoya's Dove polish. It went much better. But then when I sat down to write this post, I had an issue. Could I really do a fair comparison of Confetti Lonesome Dove and Zoya Dove when I had only painted Dove on my right hand? And I didn't really want to write two reviews and a comparison post. So, I finally decided to write a review of Confetti's Lonesome Dove with a small comparison of Zoya Dove and Confetti Lonesome Dove at the very end. With lots of swatches. You have been warned.

Color: Confetti's Lonesome Dove is a nice light gray color. It's a muted gray that reminds me of pigeons more than the lighter gray color I think of when I think of dove gray. Compared to Zoya Dove, I saw maybe more of a slight blue tone to it. For me, I think this color is alright but it kind of brought out some of the redness in my hands and compared to Zoya Dove, I have to say I like Zoya Dove better.
Formula: The polish wasn't too thin or too thick. It's your standard creme polish. I used 3 coats to get it opaque. Though, I should note that because the polish didn't go on evenly, when I held my hand up to the light, I could see it wasn't fully opaque over the whole nail.
Application: This is one of those left hand/right hand issues. First of all, it was not a perfect application on the nails of either hand. But painting with my left hand (my nondominant hand) was so atrocious I didn't bother taking pictures. Painting with my right hand, I thought application was relatively smooth but I did have some trouble getting even coats and I really didn't like the brush. It was one of those brushes that creates streaks. I do not know when nail polish companies are going to realize that a bad brush can ruin a good polish. Most of the uneveness smoothed out after I used Seche Vite but you could definitely still see the small ridges.

CONCLUSION: If you want a cheap, gray polish you could do worse than Confetti's Lonesome Dove. It is not a dupe for Zoya Dove and I can't recommend it based on the formula or application. But it's... servicable. I wore it on my nails for a week and the imperfections weren't enough to really irritate me (and I'm easily irritated by sloppy-looking nails).

  SWATCHES of Confetti's Lonesome Dove polish

Note: I am wearing Zoya Dove on the leftmost nail. You can see it is slightly lighter but pretty similar depending on the lighting...more on that later.

Now to the comparison...
Using Zoya Dove on my right hand, I also didn't get a perfectly smooth paint job. The brush seemed a little short and wasn't great to work with. In the end, there was uneveness at the base of the nail. There is a difference between the two colors. Zoya Dove is the lighter of the two and seems like a purer gray, just a mix of black and white, while Lonesome Dove is a slightly darker gray with a slight blue tone or some kind of undertone like a slate gray. If I had to say which one is more of a dove gray (given the names), I would say Zoya Dove. It's a more refined, lighter gray. I do want to test out Zoya Dove on my left hand before reviewing it, to give it a fair shot.

SWATCHES of Zoya Dove

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