Sunday, September 9, 2012

REVIEW of Essie's Penny Talk with SWATCHES

Hi chickadees!

I have been wanting to try this color ever since I picked it up at Duane Reade. Scratch that, I've been wanting to try this ever since swatches began popping up on my favorite nail polish blogs. But you and I both know this summer was crazy. Long story short, I wore it for my first week of classes and Fashion's Night Out. And...I love it. I'm so crazy that a few days after I first tried it I went out to buy another bottle as a backup.

So why do I love this polish so much?

Color: This is a gorgeous rose-gold/penny colored polish. I didn't "get" rose gold for the longest time but now that I do, I am super into it. This polish was part of the Essie Chrome collection. Bottle pics are somewhere in a recent Drugstore Product Stalking post. So, rather obviously, this is a chrome polish. I'd say it basically applied like a creme polish, just a tad less smoothly, and it dried a little fast like a matte polish. The color is very eyecatching and a teensy bit distracting but it's not ridiculously bright like some other metallic polishes.
Formula: Almost opaque in 1 coat and definitely opaque in 2 coats. I'm not one of those beauty girls with crazy standards. I'm a three coater. But when a polish is a definite two coater, I relent, and this polish was a two coater.
Application: I was being careful (because I've heard mixed reviews on this polish) and painting with slow, even strokes. This went well for my left hand (painting with my dominant right hand) but I realized when I was painting the nails on my right hand that it is better to be a little more confident. I think it's just a question of getting your technique down. You need to find the right balance of polish so you're not overloading the brush but you're not painting in such thin coats that you cause the brush to drag over the nail. Also, it's important to paint in confident brush strokes but not so quickly that you make a mess. Confident but careful, that's my advice.

CONCLUSION: Obviously I recommend this polish though it will require you to be a little bit careful and it may not people some people who want a super shiny, metallic finish.

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