Sunday, September 30, 2012

My First Attempt At A Splatter Manicure

Hi chickadees!

I thought I'd share my first attempt at a splatter manicure with you. Now, I'm not much of a nail art girl. I'm rather too impatient to wait for things to dry or to do something overly complicated and then let it get ruined. That is why I highly recommend you check out my "Tempest nail art" post (you can find it through the nail art link in the list along the side of the page) which is a look that appears complicated but is actually tremendously easy! I've wanted to film a tutorial but A) I've never filmed a video before and B) I can't figure out where to put the camera while I paint my nails.

Anyway, I will take you through the mess I made step-by-step.
I started with the base color of Essie's Mochacino which I'd had on my nails for a few days and was growing a bit bored with. I wanted a Wuthering Heights look, whatever that means but I was too lazy to think one up. For my first color, I used Milani's Black Magic. The polish went everywhere. I was petrified of inhaling it but the fumes were strong enough just creating the splatter effect by blowing through a straw. As you can see, I didn't manage to get a lot of polish on the nail.

(Note: I cleaned up around the nail between each color)

Next was an even messier layer of O.P.I. Black Cherry Chutney.

Next, Zoya Lael, just so my hands could look like they were bleeding.

And finally, because gold rescues everything, I finished with L'Oreal's Because You're Worth It. By this time, I still hadn't gotten my technique down. I was trying for short bursts of air but I was still struggling to either get polish on the nail or not have it come out in hideous blobs like on my ring finger.

My cardboard work surface looked great though.

No top coat. Another thing that bothered me was how thick the layers of polish were on some nails. I'll need to work on that in the future.

And finally...this is the finished result.

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