Friday, September 28, 2012


Hi darlings,

Two sample sale reports in one day? Yup. As I said in my What Goes Around Comes Around report, if you have a sale near me I will be much more likely to go.

No, I'm not telling you where I live but it was close enough that I was one of the first people in the store. I arrived before 4 as they were setting up though the crush never got too bad. Even as I left around 4:30 there were still only maybe 8 people in the store. Though, for people who've never stopped into Erica Weiner before, it's pretty tiny so 15 people would be a bit unbearable.

Most of the sale items were on the table in the center, though some additional items were on the tables along the side. Sale items were marked with tags like these.

Regular collection items were in their display cases but they're also on sale for 20% off.

Prices were kind of all over the place. I'd say most things were $25-$50 with a few big ticket items (one necklace was $140) and some cheaper items (what I assume were insect brooches) at $4.

I was told they'd be restocking through the weekend so I may or may not stop in again depending on how busy I am to give you an update.

ERICA WEINER SAMPLE SALE: Friday, September 28 through Sunday, September 30. Fri 4pm-8pm, Sat—Sun 12pm—8pm. 173 Elizabeth St between Spring and Kenmare Sts         

Now for the pictures which should give you a better idea of the prices and merchandise...
(You Could Not Possibly Want More Pictures)



$35 Te Amo Bracelet

$25 I Love You Bracelet

There were a lot of this style. You'll see more later. This one was $45.









$35 Textured Gold Necklace

Regular displays


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