Wednesday, March 12, 2014

REVIEW of Lush's Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

Hello chickadees!
I feel like I haven't written about Lush in such a long time. The truth is I haven't really been shopping at Lush or using any Lush products in a long time. But to get back into the swing of things, I think it's time I introduce you to my favorite Lush Bubble Bar... Lush's Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar.

Lush describes this bubble bar as having a floral/citrus scent thanks to notes of orange flower, bergamot, lemon oil and mandarin oil. Apparently it also has the same scent as their Olive Branch shower gel if you're familiar with that. For me, this bubble bar just smells soapy and clean. I think it's a nice light fragrance that's not too heady or overpowering and I do get the slight floral though not a lot of citrus. The bubble bar can be found in a Lush store in many different colors. I prefer to get the blue ones because I like the light aqua color they dye the bathwater.

The bubbles are the reason I love this product more than any of the other bath bombs or bubble bars. This bubble bar produces more bubbles than anything else I've tried from Lush. I've tried using just half of the bubble bar and also using the whole bar. Using the entire bubble bar is a delicious indulgence. You get loads of bubbles that last a decent amount of time, especially if you don't move around too much. They're the rich, foamy, dense kind of bubbles that remind me of the glamour goddesses and starlets of the 1950's and 1960's lounging around in claw foot tubs. Even after the bubbles have dissolved, the water feels slippery and luxurious. It may be because the bubble bar contains something moisturizing or it may just be that the soap changes the pH of the water and more basic substances can have a slippery feel. You can smell the scent in the bath and on your skin but it almost seems stronger once you're out of the bath. The scent is lighter than if you were wearing a perfume. The best way I can describe it is by telling you to imagine that you skin is actually scented and the scent is emanating from you. Of course it fades after a while so you needn't worry about it clashing with a perfume or scented body lotion.

When I just used half of the bar, I still got lots of bubbles and the bubble bar dyed the water but the scent was not as strong and the water didn't have that same slippery feel. I could just barely smell the scent in the bath and it didn't linger in my hair or on my skin afterwards.

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