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REVIEW of Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 905 Red-y Response

Hello meadowlarks,

No, there's no connection between Sally Hansen Red-y Response and meadowlarks. I've just been listening to the Patti Lupone version of that song nonstop since seeing Stephanie J. Block at Carnegie Hall. #humblebrag #sorryforthehashtag. I don't know if you remember when I reviewed Graphite Gravity all the way back in July of 2012 but although I didn't hate that polish, I wasn't intending on buying another one. Fast forward to... maybe a few months ago (I've stopped doing haul posts all the time so I can't remember exactly when I bought this) but these Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes were on clearance at Walgreens and Duane Reade so I ended up purchasing two colors. I will be reviewing the second one... sometime in the future. At the rate I'm going, it could be another two years.

Color: Sally Hansen Red-y Response is a pink magnetic polish. Like other magnetic polishes, it looks like it's somewhere between a metallic polish and a shimmer in its normal state. Of course, the point of a magnetic polish is to hold the provided magnet over the polish so a design forms. The magnet design of this polish is the same wave pattern as the one that comes with Graphite Gravity. Surprisingly, the places where the waves condense are actually quite dark for a pink polish. I found that this polish also pulled a bit more purple under certain lighting conditions. It was never actually purple but more the distinction between magenta and fuchsia. As with other magnetic polishes, the real selling point is clean, easy nail art, which is what Red-y Response provides.
Formula: This polish has a smooth, fluid formula that is neither too thick or too thin. It does smell godawful though.
Application: This polish has a wider brush, which you know I'm not a fan of, but it didn't create any issues. The polish applies like a shimmer polish with apparent brushstrokes. At one coat, there was good coverage but it was nowhere near opaque so I thought that in spite of the instructions, I might have to apply three coats. But then I applied the second and quickly held the magnet over it and, lo and behold, it did appear opaque at two coats. I should note that in the photos the pattern appears a little less pronounced on the nail of my middle finger because I unintentionally touched the magnet to the nail and had to add a third coat and re-do the design.
Wear: I wore this polish for four days without top coat and then applied top coat on the fourth day to finish taking photos for this review. In those four days I experienced a little bit of tip wear. I would say this polish holds up better than Graphite Gravity but I'm not sure how it would survive past day four.

CONCLUSION: If you like the magnetic polish look, I'd totally recommend this polish. Application is easy. The design shows up cleanly without any issues. The only drawbacks are the smell and possibly the wear time.

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The first few photos feature this polish without top coat. I'll let you know when we reach the photos where I have a layer of Seche Vite over this manicure.

This is indoor lighting. As you can see, the polish leans a little more purple than pink.

And these are the photos with top coat. The third photo at the very beginning of the post also features this polish with top coat.

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